#ncpol: Hudson out front in GOPe foot-dragging on ObamaCare repeal, healthcare dereg

How much “listening” do you have to do to understand what the American people want you to do with ObamaCare?

We gave Republicans majorities in Congress with explicit instructions to deep-six that stinking pile of poop.  Yet, we’ve had little more than excuses from them.

President Trump says he wants it out of here NOW.   And the excuses from GOPe-dominated Capitol Hill are getting only louder and whinier.

Congressman Richard Hudson, whose entire adult existence has been subsidized by government, politicians, and deep-pocketed political influence peddlers, is right out front leading that whining.  Here he is in Bloomberg: 

[…] Representative Richard Hudson of North Carolina said Friday there is “a lot of angst in our state” over an Obamacare repeal and that he participated in a telephone town-hall with 12,000 people a day earlier.

“My constituents are freaking out about commercials they are seeing on TV about how they are going to lose their health care,” he said. Hudson said he tells constituents regarding Republican efforts to devise a replacement plan, “If Obamacare is working for you, we want to hear you say that, too.” […] 

This guy got propelled through a crowded 2012 GOP primary thanks to the cash and influence of John Boehner and Eric Cantor. He mouths a lot of conservative sounding stuff, but he is OWNED by the guys who run Capitol Hill. OWNED.

Never mind that he campaigned on trashing ObamaCare.  ObamaCare has raised co-pays, limited choice, and just about broken family budgets.  It’s run people out of the health care business.  Hospitals — which are basically cash-munching government bureaucracies — think ObamaCare and the associated Medicaid expansions are great.  *Who cares about the long-term damage to our economy and our nation?  Keep the cash coming, baby !!!*

President Trump wants ObamaCare done and gone yesterday.  If Hudson is talking the way he is — and he typically parrots House leadership — Trump is going to have a mutiny on his hands in Congress.  Hudson is seriously talking in favor of dragging the whole repeal discussion out until 2019 or 2020.

We need to keep the heat ON.

Hudson is yet another scalawag who cares more about his government paycheck and perks than saving the country. Don’t rock the boat.  *Tell every audience you’re in front of exactly what they want to hear.*

His job security trumps yours.  His donors owners need him right where he is.