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#hayesscandal: Hudson, McHenry, Budd may no longer have Lindberg cash, but they may have still benefited from it

    Apparently, indicted businessman Eric Lindberg’s cash got around DC too:   Three North Carolina congressmen say they’re giving up political contributions they received from a big donor charged in federal indictments with trying to bribe the state’s insurance commissioner.   Spokesmen for U.S….

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Richard Hudson: Roy Cooper providing “great leadership”

You  know things aren’t going well when the communications director for the opposing party is trumpeting your comments across the media: Hudson, in case you didn’t know, is a Republican congressman representing the 8th district of North Carolina.  He made these comments during a Fox…

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#ncpol: Marine’s death earns Hudson some unwanted attention

Here’s the story from Big League Politics: In late January, a Marine Reconnaissance Scout died in a multi-mission parachute training accident in Coolidge, Arizona. “Alex was one in a million. Always had a smile on his face,” said Noelia Davis, the fallen Marine’s cousin. According…

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#NC-08: Moore County’s McNeill to take on Hudson

Moore County Democrats — a rather hapless, hopeless bunch over the years — are showing some life for the 2018 cycle. They’ve fielded a candidate for sheriff, for state representative, and now US Congress: Frank McNeill has won elections before – three terms on the Aberdeen…

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Hudson A-Okay with gun-grabber alliance

Richard Hudson — portrayed so aggressively as a friend of the 2nd amendment — is surprisingly not alarmed at the combining of his concealed carry reciprocity bill with a package favored by gun-grabbers: The first procedural vote on legislation combining a popular concealed carry reciprocity…

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#ncpol: Hudson providing cover for gun-grabbers?

That’s what at least one conservative stalwart in the US House is alleging: Rep. Richard Hudson (R-NC) usually manages to walk the line between endearing himself to the Establishment and ostensibly holding true to the conservative rhetoric he proffers on the campaign trail. ‘Usually’ being…

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#ncpol: Solar goons teaming with Hudson to sink claws into tax $$$ for hydropower?

That’s what it looks like.  Here’s an excerpt from Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s schedule for the House floor this coming week:   Check out HR 2786, sponsored by Rep. Richard Hudson (R-NC-08).  “Qualifying”?  Qualifying for what?  Government cash and tax incentives, perhaps?  This release from…

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Richard Hudson STILL weaseling-out on building the wall

They may be able to sell you a wife, a dog, a kid, and a fabricated small business at The Candidate Store™, but they sure seem to be in short supply of quality, verbal self-defense skills:  […] On another hot-button issue, Hudson said the national…

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Richard Hudson NOT a fan of the Trump wall either

Here’s one more piece of evidence for those of you who really WANT to believe that manufactured politician Richard Hudson is an actual Tea Party-style conservative who doesn’t march in lockstep with Paul Ryan and Kevin McCarthy: […] Hudson joined Tillis in criticizing some of…

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The congressman has NO CLOTHES

The people are seeing just what Richard Hudson wants them to see — just like with the emperor in that fairy tale.  Hudson moved back to North Carolina — after a long tenure in DC — to run for Congress in 2012.  He fraudulently passed…