Could 2024 be the end of the road for congressman “Face-grabber”?

He’s been caught fabricating a company and making himself out to be some kind of entrepreneurwhen he’s spent his whole adult life as a political hack.  

When the GOP took over the House, and he had a chance to really help out his people “back home”, he chose the National Republican Congressional Campaign Committee — which helps out himself and his cronies, and not really anyone else. He’s made a career of taking his cues on the issues from party leaders in DC  rather than the folks back home.

Richard Hudson is having a great time in DC, and he wants us to send him back for two more years.  But folks in the ruby-red Ninth District — sick of Republican caving on spending, taxes, immigration and just about everything else — are growing more and more open to other options for representation in Congress.  Could Sanford resident Troy Tarazon (R) be a viable option for Ninth District voters grown weary of the “CEO of Cabarrus Marketing”? 

Troy Tarazon retired from the US Army after 20 years of service.  He currently works as an IT contractor at the Special Operations Command on Fort Bragg.  He and his wife and three children have lived in the Sanford area for the last six years.

Tarazon says he was motivated to file for a congressional run by just surveying the current state of the country and the world.  He describes Hudson as “opportunistic” — acting more in his own self-interest than those of his district’s voters.

“Hudson appears to have spent his time in DC waiting to see what his party leaders want,” Tarazon tells us. “In DC, the name of the game is keeping your hand in the public trough for as long as you can.  They do whatever they have to do to convince the voters to keep sending them back.  The mission really ought to be what’s best for the country, for the American people, over the long run.”

Tarazon said, if elected, he’d like to serve on committees like Armed Services, Veterans Affairs, and any others dealing with the nation’s fiscal policy.

Tarazon mentioned some issues he sees as being of vital importance:

Immigration.  Tarazon says he sees the negative impact out-of-control immigration is having on our economy, our education system, and law enforcement.  (He notes that immigration hits very close to home for him.  His grandparents are natives of Mexico, and his wife is a naturalized US citizen originally from Portugal.)

“I am all for immigration done the right, lawful, legal way,” Tarazon told us. “But we need to end things like catch-and-release. We don’t need amnesty.  We need to put a stop to those caravans.  We need to bring back the ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy and get back to building that border wall.”

Fiscal Responsibility.  Tarazon tells us he’s frustrated with politicians on both sides in DC simply ‘kicking-the-can’ down the road on issues like taxes, spending, and Social Security.

“I’ve spent a long time around the federal government,” he said. “They are really good at spending and wasting money. Social security needs to be seriously dealt with, before it’s gone for good. We need real budgets and not these short-term spending agreements that put us deeper in debt. It’s time to stop operating in the interests of the party or leadership, and start putting the long-term interests of the country first.”

Veterans.  “Thanks to my professional background, veterans issues are very important to me,” Tarazon tells us. “And who better to serve that community than someone who has actually marched in their boots?”

Tarazon tells us he’d like to see reforms like more portability for veterans health care benefits.

“Veterans should not be restricted to certain providers,” he tells us. “If the best health care delivery options are at a non-VA facility closer to home, folks should be allowed to use their benefits to take advantage of those opportunities.”

Tarazon says he’d like to be part of an aggressive effort to improve the VA’s quality of service to its customers — America’s veterans.

Troy Tarazon and Richard Hudson will be on the Republican primary ballot for the Ninth Congressional  District on March 5. 

You can click here to learn more about Troy Tarazon, communicate with him, or donate to his campaign.   Upcoming speaking engagements for Tarazon include the Moore Republican Men’s Club on January 18th, and a debate / forum with the Cumberland County VFW in February.