#ncpol: Walker on the Tilli$$$$ amnesty train, too?

Thom The Therrible showed his cards on amnesty the other day.  Is Congressman Mark Walker signaling his intent to join Thom Tilli$$$  on that perilous journey?:

[…] Walker also wants Republicans to lead a new approach on overhauling the immigration system.

“When Republicans talk about, ‘Hey, what do we need to do to fix the immigration problem,’ well our top three things are secure the border, then after that we need to secure the border and then the third point would be we need to secure the border,” Walker said.

“Well we’ve got to get off that talking point, and we’ve got to talk about long term how do we resolve some of these immigration issues.”

Walker said he expects the GOP to move quickly this year on border security legislation but that after that, hopefully sometime this spring, the conference can begin working toward a plan that addresses the undocumented and things like how to deal with the children of undocumented immigrants who were born in the United States.

“I know it’s a sensitive issue, but we can’t ignore that,” he said.[…]

Amnesty for DREAMers? That’s what it sounds like he’s, um. “preaching.”  
Once again, illegal is illegal is illegal.  We had an election, and a wall and deportation WON.