#ncpol: Walker on the Tilli$$$$ amnesty train, too?

Thom The Therrible showed his cards on amnesty the other day.  Is Congressman Mark Walker signaling his intent to join Thom Tilli$$$  on that perilous journey?:

[…] Walker also wants Republicans to lead a new approach on overhauling the immigration system.

“When Republicans talk about, ‘Hey, what do we need to do to fix the immigration problem,’ well our top three things are secure the border, then after that we need to secure the border and then the third point would be we need to secure the border,” Walker said.

“Well we’ve got to get off that talking point, and we’ve got to talk about long term how do we resolve some of these immigration issues.”

Walker said he expects the GOP to move quickly this year on border security legislation but that after that, hopefully sometime this spring, the conference can begin working toward a plan that addresses the undocumented and things like how to deal with the children of undocumented immigrants who were born in the United States.

“I know it’s a sensitive issue, but we can’t ignore that,” he said.[…]

Amnesty for DREAMers? That’s what it sounds like he’s, um. “preaching.”  
Once again, illegal is illegal is illegal.  We had an election, and a wall and deportation WON. 

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  1. As I recall, Walker floundered around in the primary with what his position really was on illegal aliens. Many said they did not really trust him then, and it looks like that concern was well founded.

    Walker seems to have a need to learn the correct language. The correct legal term is ”illegal alien” under US law. These interlopers do not meet the legal definition of ”immigrant” and to call them ”undocumented” is just Orwellian nonsense. They have documents in most cases. It is just that their documents show that they belong somewhere other than in our country.

    If Walker goes for amnesty, he needs a primary from a conservative. He needs to be sent home. What part of ”illegal” does he not understand? The 6th district GOP convention needs a resolution holding Walker’s feet to the fire on this issue and calling for a primary challenge if he sells us out and goes against the GOP platform.

    Walker is an Obama Republican if he pushes Obama’s policy on ”Dreamers”, which is what it looks like he wants to do.

    Hungary has a good way of dealing with illegal aliens. They are immediately hauled before a magistrate for a summary hearing and immediately ejected back across the border. They do not pussyfoot around and we should not either. Hungary has also deployed its army to the border to keep the illegal aliens out, something that we should consider as well.

  2. Funny, when I read these same quotes from Congressman Walker, I get a completely different takeaway- that he is interested in actually working on a plan to solve our illegal immigration problem; not just pay lip service to building a wall so we declare a secure border.

    I’ve actually listened to Mark Walker explain several of the issues that Congress has to deal with.in getting the border secured while simultaneously building a consensus on how to deal with millions of illegals who have been here for years. (President Ronald Reagan couldn’t even find a workable solution during his eight years in office- it is no easy task.)

    I know Walker is passionate about finding a solution as Chairman of the Republican Study Committee. I have every confidence he will be successful. I also believes he is solidly supportive of President Trump’s plans to build a wall, increase ICE enforcement, and enlarge the border patrol. The Sixth Congressional District is very well represented in Congress. Believe we will see that in the coming months.

    1. The law already tells us how to deal with the millions of invaders who have illegally entered our country. The law says they need to be apprehended and deported and never allowed back. There is no need to change that law. We just need to enforce it. Truman and Eisenhower enforced the immigration laws and each apprehended and deported millions

      Does Walker want to change the law to give these lawbreakers a free pass or a slap on the wrist? If you find someone has broken into your house do you negotiate with him about moving into your spare bedroom or do you call the police to apprehend him and get him out of there?

      This was a trial balloon and Walker seems to have been purposefully vague, but the mere suggestion that they would do something other than enforce our immigration laws is a huge concern.

      As to the House Republican Study Committee, this was once the main vehicle of House conservatives but then Boehner staged a coup and inserted one of his yes-men as its chairman and fired its key conservative staff. The real conservatives departed to the Freedom Caucus and the LIberty Caucus and the House Republican Study Committee is now just a meaningless hollowed out set of flunkies for the leadership. Boehner was able to pull that off because the Study Committee allowed any GOP Congresscritter to join. Heck even Renee Ellmers was a member. The Freedom Caucus and Liberty Caucus have learned that lesson and will not allow themselves to be taken over by the leadership in the same way.

      Another c0ncern is whether this was a personal trial balloon or one for someone else. Paul Ryan is a notorious amnesty hound and was House co-manager for the failed Senate Gang of 8 bill. Given that the House Republican Study Committee are now brownnosers for the leadership, this well could have been a trial balloon put up by Walker for the benefit of Ryan.

    2. Walker broke faith with a lot of supporters on Day 1 when he threw his support behind Boehner and the Establishment. He revealed his character fully on that day and he’s been very slippery with his words on amnesty since. Lee County had a net gain of exactly zero in swapping out Ellmers for Walker. He’s just a better actor.

      1. Walker ought to remember that Jim Duncan was also redistricted into the 6th District, and keep looking over his shoulder when he betrays conservatives.

  3. Congressman Walker isn’t the problem here. He is being true to himself.

    Unhappy with him? Blame the foolish Brannon supporters in 2014 who got lock step behind him 100% in the 6th district.

    People tried to tell them, but as usual, you couldn’t tell them ANYTHING.

    And it was 100% of them. If any of them would care to deny it, will be happy to provide proof of said assertion.

    1. What?!

      As someone who supported both Brannon and Walker, I have no idea what you are saying. Could you please clarify?

  4. Speak softly, and carry a big stick.

    Walker may speak with a pastors heart, but he votes solidly conservative on these issues.

    A+ voting record according to NumbersUSA.

    1. Walker leaves the impression with his comments that he wants to do something other than enforce our immigration laws. If that is indeed his meaning, his rating with groups like NumbersUSA will plummet.

      Any degreee of amnesty for the illegal aliens is throwing the real immigrants – those who have followed the law – under the bus and that would be absolutely reprehensible.

  5. I too read each article in this piece, nothing of which sounds like his support of amnesty. IMO, I think the headline alone is a bit of a stretch. I applaud Walker for bringing up the issue before the Left does. If we aren’t controlling the narrative than they will. Things are happening very fast in Washington right now, at an unprecedented speed.

    He had the endorsement of several conservative members of for the RSC chair, let’s give him an opportunity to work. We sound like the dems when they attack Trump for only signing 2 Executive Orders on day 1 as opposed to 30.

    1. The narrative ought to be that we have a good law, and we have had too many lawless presidents, Obama being the worst who refused to follow the law. We now have a new sheriff in town.

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