#ncga: Save the moles!

The General Assembly is back in session today.  Those AMEX and Tom James Company bills need to be paid.  So, the army of lobbyists that keeps that puzzle palace afloat has once again been mobilized.

As the new session kicks off, we’d like to add a new cause to the mix: Save the moles.  Yes, that’s our new cause. We’re raising money.  Raising awareness.  The whole nine-yards.

Until The Haymaker came along, moles were a dwindling species in the Raleigh area.  It was really tough to get good information about the inner workings of state government out of the smoke-filled back rooms and into the public arena.  Now — thanks to the mole population we’ve been nourishing — as politicos leave meetings, those same politicos can pull out their phones and read on our site the details of the meeting they just left.  (Convenient, eh?) 

The increase in the mole population appears to have state government leaders — especially House Republican leadership — worried.  They’ve apparently instituted plans to root out and exterminate the mole population we’ve so carefully cultivated and nurtured over the last few years.

So, if you’re concerned about House leaders’s efforts to snuff out the mole population, JOIN US. Read this site faithfully every day.  Share the site and its information with your friends.  You can also click on the ‘Tip Jar’ icon over on the left side of the page to donate what you can to fund this fight.  House leaders are determined to snuff out our beloved moles. We can’t just stand by and let them snuff out these cute, furry and — um – –talkative creatures.