The omnibus: Bleeding us dry. Lying to our faces. Killing our country.

It’s $1.1 trillion dollars.  It’s 2009 pages.  It was written by FOUR lawmakers and a bunch of lobbyists.  

Politicians like Renee Ellmers want to sell it as a great “tax cut”’ package.  (But there are credits, not cuts. And ObamaCare-related taxes are postponed a year or so.)

The Omnibus spending bill — under GOP leadership — fully funds: amnesty, sanctuary cities, ObamaCare, Syrian refugees, visa expansion, and Planned Parenthood, among other things.  It funds 300,000 Muslim migrants in the first year.   Every single special interest who ever forked over a bribe campaign contribution got what they wanted.  Obama got everything he wanted.

Now, all of our honorables can come home to campaign and tell us how conservative they are, and how they Liar_Liar_posterare “fighting for us.” *All that.* Well, this travesty passed the US House by a vote of 316-113.  A majority of the YES votes were Democrats.  Here is how the NC delegation broke down:

YES:   Ellmers, Foxx, Rouzer, McHenry, Price, Adams, Butterfield, Pittenger

NO: Jones, Meadows, Hudson, Holding, Walker

Voted YES?  You voted to preserve ObamaCare and keep funding Planned Parenthood’s baby-parts harvesting operation.  You also voted to support fully funding amnesty and the Third World-ization of our country. You voted to fund the importation of more poor people when we can’t afford the Social Security / welfare benefits for the ones we already have.