The omnibus: Bleeding us dry. Lying to our faces. Killing our country.

It’s $1.1 trillion dollars.  It’s 2009 pages.  It was written by FOUR lawmakers and a bunch of lobbyists.  

Politicians like Renee Ellmers want to sell it as a great “tax cut”’ package.  (But there are credits, not cuts. And ObamaCare-related taxes are postponed a year or so.)

The Omnibus spending bill — under GOP leadership — fully funds: amnesty, sanctuary cities, ObamaCare, Syrian refugees, visa expansion, and Planned Parenthood, among other things.  It funds 300,000 Muslim migrants in the first year.   Every single special interest who ever forked over a bribe campaign contribution got what they wanted.  Obama got everything he wanted.

Now, all of our honorables can come home to campaign and tell us how conservative they are, and how they Liar_Liar_posterare “fighting for us.” *All that.* Well, this travesty passed the US House by a vote of 316-113.  A majority of the YES votes were Democrats.  Here is how the NC delegation broke down:

YES:   Ellmers, Foxx, Rouzer, McHenry, Price, Adams, Butterfield, Pittenger

NO: Jones, Meadows, Hudson, Holding, Walker

Voted YES?  You voted to preserve ObamaCare and keep funding Planned Parenthood’s baby-parts harvesting operation.  You also voted to support fully funding amnesty and the Third World-ization of our country. You voted to fund the importation of more poor people when we can’t afford the Social Security / welfare benefits for the ones we already have.


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  1. Don’t forget the Senate. Both Burr and Tillis voted for the ominbus bill on the most important vote, the procedural vote on cloture, the place it could have been stopped with 41 votes. Disgusting!

  2. Every Republican who voted for this monstrosity should be defeated. I agree with Rush—the GOP should be disbanded as a party.

  3. “YES: Ellmers, Foxx, Rouzer, McHenry, Price, Adams, Butterfield, Pittenger”

    – Ignore their campaign rhetoric. They’re liars.
    – It “is” a little silver lining that they provide a clear and unmuddled list of who to never, ever, give money or a vote to. 🙂

  4. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) sets out in this interview many of the really bad things that are in this bill, particularly full funding of Obama’s lawless immigration policies, and letting him bring in as many Muslim ”refugees” as he wishes:

    All of the Republicans who collaborated with the enemy to betray our party and our country by passing this Obama power grab should be ashamed of themselves. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are at the top of that list.

  5. Maybe Trump will get elected and throw all the sorry asses out. We can always hope. At least the rate the GOPe is going there will probably be a Democratic controlled house and boy oh boy we may get to have Nancy Queen Pelosi back in power. The GOPe is going the way of the Whigs.

  6. We need to get rid of these people. But the people who are running against them in the primary need help. Lots of help. Please pick one that might be able to win and donate $$$. I think Pattie Curran can pull it off but fighting the millions Foxx has is daunting.

  7. My Rep David Rouzer NC7even signed the Mulvaney Letter and pledged to defund Planned Parenthood to about 20 constituents faces. He also told several of us over 8 times in different venues he would never vote for any bill that re-authorized the ExIm Bank. So his word is useless and his signature means nothing. He lies. He’s the first Republican in this seat since reconstruction and I daresay I am wishing for Democrat, Mike McIntyre. At least he didn’t lie to our faces.

    1. Rouzer’s treachery should have been expected. He backed Boehner for Speaker openly and was the beneficiary of some advertising from the Boehner backed establishment Republican PAC ”American Action Network” smearing his more conservative primary opponent. Too bad there is not a primary rematch this year. Rouzer badly needs a primary and to be replaced. He is a full blown Obama Republican. You folks in the 7th need to get to work finding a primary opponent, if not for this time, then for 2018.

      1. George Holding is just as slippery, and the fact that he’s not even in the Freedom caucus belies his claim’s of being a conservative.

    2. Rouzer is a former DC lobbyist. The Omnibus is a lobbyist’s wet dream. Rouzer was voting for his lobbyist buddies and against the people of North Carolina. The people of North Carolina need to wake up and vote against him. He has totally screwed us and we need to totally screw him.

  8. PatK,

    Your reference to $$$ Is well taken. However a smile comes to my being when I reflect on the defeat of Eric Cantor by Dave Bratt in Va. Proof that message and merrit can triumph. There in lies a blueprint for success for N C grassroots.

    Browny Douglas

  9. We also need to remember and to help those who stood up for the taxpayers, the Constitution, and conservative principles and are now under attack by the establishment. We need to keep our friends in Congress.

    In North Carolina, the best example of someone we need to rally around is Congressman Walter Jones, who according to Heritage Action is the most conservative member of the NC delegation. Walter voted against every Omnibus that either Boehner or Ryan has put forward, including this one. He has voted against every debt ceiling increase that Boehner or Ryan put forward. On last year’s CRomnibus, Walter voted against it on the final vote and also stood up against it on the procedural vote on the rule, where just one more vote would have stopped it. He was one of only two NC Congressmen to vote against last year’s CRomnibus on the final vote and the only one to vote against the rule. Walter was one of only two NC Congressmen to publicly come out for the removal of Boehner this year, and he voted for a different Republican over Boehner in Boehner’s last two elections. Walter also voted for Congressman Daniel Webster (R-Fla.) over Paul Ryan, both in the GOP caucus and on the House floor this Fall.

    Walter Jones has irritated the establishment to the point that they spent a million dollars trying to remove him in last year’s primary. Conservative pundits Rush Limbaugh and Pat Buchanan both went to great lengths to cite Jones victory then over the establishment challenger as one of the most important conservative primary victories last year. But money took its toll, and the race was closer than it should have been.

    The establishment is back this year, with the same challenger. National conservatives are helping Walter fight back. Congressman Dave Brat (R-Va.) who beat Eric Cantor last year has already been down to the district to campaign for Walter.

    If you live in Walter’s district, please volunteer. If not, please consider a contribution.

  10. Yeah, that sorry ass Paul Ryan and all the rest of the Republicans bent over and grabbed their ankles on this one. Rush is right, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are still running Congress, and the Republi–Crat Party should be abolished!
    That’s why Donald Trump is so hugely popular. He will hold these corrupt Washington politicians’ feet to the fire!

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