Piddling while America is ”rewritten” and “remade”

gadIn 1973, we discovered — thanks to The Supreme Court — that we have a “right” to abortion.  In the last week, we’ve learned that we have a “right” to subsidized health care and a “right” to same-sex marriage.   We also learned that the feds can JACK YOU UP for unintentional discrimination.  That’s right, unintentional. 

Never mind that — after reading through our Constitution many, many times — I can’t find any of that stuff in there.

Conservatives have sat back and allowed The Left to take over and co-opt academia and the practice of law. As a result, young skulls of mush are being taught fewer facts and more Democrat / socialist / marxist ideology.  Couple that with politicians who have successfully politicized the appointment and confirmation of judges and justices, and you see how we got to this point of creative jurisprudence.

Add to that the stupid politicians who claim they can’t do anything about this, because “the court” has already established it as “the law of the land.”    Look back to the Dred Scott and Plessy decisions by the US Supreme Court that seemed to codify and legitimize slavery and segregation.  People didn’t sit back and say ”Ok, that’s the law of the land.”

We fought a civil war where slavery was one of the burning issues.  We also had leaders with plenty of political courage who took the issues of segregation and slavery head-on.  Both of those institutions are now banished to the dustbin of history.flag

The Supreme Court was never meant to be a law-making body.  It was established as a method for checking the power of the executive and legislative branches of our federal government.

What are we to do?  I already have a good friend who is seriously making arrangements to form a “Galt’s Gulch” for people who don’t want to stay here and endure any more of this nonsense.

As I see it, we have three choices.  We can go Galt, like my friend suggests, and abandon this great experiment that has lasted for more than two centuries.  We can tuck our tails, and lower our heads, and surrender.  Or we can stand and fight.

That’s my choice.  Stand and fight. 




27 thoughts on “Piddling while America is ”rewritten” and “remade”

  1. Same here. And don’t let our Congressional representatives off the hook, they are 100% to blame for this.

    Richard Burr allowed bad Judges and Justices to be confirmed.

    Congress can….

    1. Limit the Courts’ jurisdiction to even rule on matters of marriage or anything else for that matter, making such rulings reversible.

    2. Institute any number of other creative measures to seriously rein in the Courts….if they would.

    Most measures would require Presidential cooperation but until that is possible, Congress needs to aggressively use the one power it has….the power of the purse.

    We have the largest House caucus in decades….we need to force them to account for why they haven’t gone after extra-Constitutional outrages like civil forfeiture laws.

  2. Excellent article, Brant. WE have let this crap happen by a combination of not paying attention, cowering to the left for fear of being called a name, voting in the same idiots year after year, lacking the patience to continually and relentlessly fight back, failing to ever proactively set the agenda and never putting up conservative candidates with a succinct, inspirational and relevant message. As I asked in an earlier post, WHO is going to fight Burr, McCrory, NC house rhinos, etc?? Our bench is woefully weak and the silence is deafening. We have dug our own graves by being so complacent, so timid and so weak.

  3. The Supreme Court of the United States of America got yesterday’s and today’s decisions correct. As for today’s…Love wins. This with a majority Conservative set of Justices.

    1. Hardly conservative judges. Kennedy has always been a switch hitter, and lately Roberts is even more so.

      A number of eastern European countries were smart enough to define marriage as between one man and one woman in their Constitutions, preventing courts from legislating from the bench as SCOTUS has. When our 14th amendment was passed, nobody in their wildest imagination come have foreseen that it would be misused this way. At that time, homosexual acts were felonies and in some states, capital felonies.

      1. At that time nobody knew that homosexuals are a naturally occurring yet small part of our population. Nobody understood that two people of the same gender could love and care for each other and for children just as mixed gender couples do.

        1. Doesn’t mean the State should recognize such “unions.” Even pagan societies like Greece and Rome understood that, their gradually evolving tolerance of immorality notwithstanding. That same evolution coinciding with those society’s downfall, incidentally. Nor should moral people have their 1st Amendment right of association crushed by these individuals and their fascist demands that we owe them recognition.

          Giving non-traditional definitions of marriage legal recognition is anti-constitutional. As John Adams said, “The Constitution was intended for the governance of a moral and religious people. It will work for none whom are neither”.

          1. The John Adams quote works Perfectly for both gay and straight consenting adult couples. Gay couples are just as moral and religious as straight couples.

        2. People in those times certainly did understand that homosexuality existed, but it was considered highly abnormal and immoral, not just in the US. In some parts of Europe in medieval times, homosexual acts were punished by burning at the stake, as were acts of incest. In the British Royal Navy, the Articles of War that governed warships provided for a drumhead court martial and immediate hanging for those guilty of ”buggery” which was their name for homosexual acts.

    2. JPB, right you are. Equal protection means what it says. “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

      Anyone who believes otherwise is simply ignoring the U.S. Constitution. They are not Republicans. We wrote and passed the 14th Amendment.


      1. Nonsense. If you look at the legistative history of the 14th amendment, it does not have the broad application that the left winger on the Supreme Court want to give it.

        Should a drunk person have the same right to drive down the road as a sober person? Should someone have the right to have whatever kind of marriage they want – incestuous, bigamous, pedophile, bestiality, whatever? Should a 12 year old person have the same right to a drivers license as an adult? Should a person who is a convicted felon have the same right to own a gun as a law abiding citizen?

        The wording of the 14th amendment invites judicial tyranny and it does need to be tightened up substantially to prevent travesties like this ruling.

  4. The idea of standing and fighting is noble but ultimately, the moonbats have won. Since 1916 they have slowly purchased the votes of the moocher class with other people’s money and simultaneously dumbed down the citizenry. The right thinking people in this country NEVER stand up to anything. We stamp our feet and try to make our case but it doesn’t matter.

    If it was that damned important then why can’t the trampled masses rise up and flood DC in person? Don’t give me that “we have jobs” crap. The founders walked away from their families to fight for freedom.

    It’s time to put up or shut up.

    1. It is good that thinking people did rise up and fight for acceptance of gay marriage. Liberty has won today. More and more U.S. citizens see that two loving and consenting adults getting married and having that union acknowledged by the Country is the right way to go whether they are gay or straight. It does no harm to either group and strengthens the fabric of the U.S.

      1. The Supreme Court ruling today does not change GOD’s Law. Simply put the institution is made up of flawed men and women. A flawed institution who have made unconstitutional rulings in the past and so have done today.

        Unfortunately, they have opened Pandora’s Box as the poly-amorous (three or more who wish to marry) and the “intergenerational intimacy crowd,” wish to marry young boys and girls or perhaps those who want to marry their pets. They all believe in LOVE.

        NO WHERE IN THE U.S. Constitution does it give the federal government the legal realm of marriage. Marriage is the firm domain of the religious institutions that once were the foundation of American Moral Code. We have lost that to sin and a sinful nation will endure the wrath of GOD. Pray we have a way out.

        1. Praying is important, but we also have to help make our own way out.

          We can no longer afford to simply cower in our church pews and bleat to our Supreme Being. We have to get into the streets and protest, just like the left does. Sue them in court. Figure out ways to gum up their plans and plots. Refuse to keep “forming a straight line and playing nicely.” They’re already way ahead of us on this part.

          If we obey every law, never offend anyone, and hardly ever publicly protest anything, why WOULD they fear us? No wonder we’re getting absolutely mauled by the lawless left.

          Buy a clue, and practice Nehemiah 4:18.

          The future of America depends on our taking a “loud and proud” public stand, fighting back, and never giving up. We paid the taxes that built those roads, so get in them and make yourselves heard.

          It is essential to purge every RINO and Democrat (no difference) from office, and elect conservatives, from now, on. And, please don’t buy into the stupid “Clothespin Brigade” voting foolishness. It only helps elect more spineless Obama Republicans.

          How’s that working for us, so far?

      2. Judicial abuse of power to legislate from the bench which is exactly what these despicable SCOTUS thugs did is despotism, and tyranny never strengthens anything for dictatorship. This was nothing short of an assault on American democracy.

    2. I completely agree–we stupidly get caught up in so-called intellectual arguments, think we will win on reason, end up losing because no one cares about the facts and end up watching our country slip away. Again, where are the conservative leaders??? Busy working, right??!! However, there is something you can do right now. Get Common Core the hell out of our schools and away from our kids! Lady Liberty 1885 cannot do it alone.

  5. This has been a week from hell for conservatives. Both the Republican Congress and Republican Supreme Court have failed us badly. McCrory has insulted every true Southerner in North Carolina. I have only this to say: Any conservative who continues to support the National Republican Party or Pat McCrory ought to check himself into a psychiatric hospital!

    1. More importantly, McCrory just made a lot of conservative Democrats who voted for him in 2012, understand exactly what he’s about. For all of his faults, Tillis correctly understood that his path to victory would be through rural counties whose voting populace consists of Republicans or conservative Democrats.

  6. “That’s my choice. Stand and fight. ”

    Mine, too, Mr. Clifton.

    For a strong dose of spine-stiffening resolve, read Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn’s “One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich.”

    Also, stop kidding yourselves that it can’t happen, here.

  7. I see that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has said that the US Supreme Court is ”now a threat to American democracy.”

    Wow, I have never heard of a sitting justice denounce his own court that way, but he is absolutely right. Legislating from the bench is judicial tyranny and it needs to be crushed.

  8. If the US congress can’t straighten out judicial abuse of power, as I see it, there are only 2 options left to the states, and the people. One is civil war, which has been talked about extensively in social media, but no one in their right mind would truly want to go there before all other options were exhausted. The second is for all states with constitutional amendments for marriage between a man and woman as the only legitimate form of marriage, to pass laws making it illegal in their respective state, to cooperate with unconstitutional mandates, laws, or judgements. This would not only apply to marriage of course.
    If states are not willing to cooperate with the federal government on matters the state finds unconstitutional, the federal government would have no enforcement power. Some folks would say, well the feds would just send the military, the FBI, and other fed departments to enforce the law. Well, at last count 31 states had marriage amendments in their respective constitutions. I say to the feds, good luck with that, when virtually no state authority is willing to help in those 31 states.
    This would just be a form of civil disobedience, and the safest way to force change in a government that no longer listens to the people they are supposed to serve. Neither the military, nor any of the federal departments are large enough to handle this many states, or people. It is a form of anarchy, but a peaceful one.
    The government could threaten all it wants, but how are they going to enforce something that the people simply refuse to accommodate? Many folks like McCrory, or the police will say they took an oath to defend and abide by the US constitution, and therefore consider this non compliance against that oath. Well, I myself took that same oath, and served my country for 21 years of my life, but that oath also meant that I would refuse to accommodate unconstitutional laws or orders.
    The supreme court is not the final arbiter of constitutionality that everyone assumes it to be, the people are. We are also the ones who have to live with the arrogant decisions that an out of control federal government makes. It is well past time for that to change…

    1. I like what Georgia tried to do in the 1790s. One house of their legislature passed a bill to make it a capital felony in Georgia, punished by death without benefit of clergy, for anyone to try to enforce a particular Supreme Court decision in the state.

  9. I agree with your plan of action. It will take guts from our state leaders. That means we the people will have to pressure them mercilessly.

  10. Too many commentators in this thread fail to understand that the Republican Party’s sole reason for existence is to lull conservatives into inaction so that the Republican Establishment and Democratic Party can together do what they want to do. If the events of this past week don’t convince you of that, you are terribly and hopelessly naive.

    1. Enlighten us O’ brilliant one (Jackson), in our naivete we forgot to consult with your majesty before we so rashly suggested doing something to slow the destruction of our country. So what do you, in your infinite wisdom suggest? Should we just sit back as spectators and watch as the empire falls to dust? I am very interested in hearing what this nobleman has to say. Perhaps in his spare time he can solve the problem in intergalactic travel, and we could all escape this mess. How ’bout it Jackson, whatcha got for us???

  11. I basically have a “live and let live” policy towards everyone. I favor civil unions for gay people, but marriage is between a man and a woman, period!
    But hey, Hussein is keeping his promise. He said he would “fundamentally transform” America, and a misguided Supreme Court is helping him do it.
    They essentially re-wrote Obamacare to make it constitutional, and are creating “rights” which were never in the Constitution.
    If things do not change, the only alternative is a Convention of States, to propose and ratify amendments to the Constitution (marriage, balanced budget, congressionall term limits) to name a few.

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