What? Six — almost seven — years is NOT ENOUGH ????

All kinds of stuff is trickling out into the driveby media, from gutless Republican career politicians, about anxiety over repealing ObamaCare. Richard Hudson told us he talked to 12,000 people on the phone and they were all “freaked out” over losing their ObamaCare.

These yo-yos were given a majority in 2010 with the primary mission of slaying this evil horrid beast.  They’ve had SIX YEARS — almost seven — to get a game plan together.  (Every year that has passed has allowed this bureaucratic nightmare to sink its talons deeper into the fabric of our society and do even more damage to our health care system.) 

I’ll tell you what’s going on.  These people never imagined that the day would come where they would actually have to act on their rhetoric.  Sure, it was easy to throw us a bunch of red meat on the campaign trail.  But then they could come back to Washington and complain about how Obama and Harry Reid were jamming things up.  (Harry Reid went away in 2014, but Obama was still there as a convenient scapegoat.)

Now, Republicans have the whole ball of wax in DC.  They can do what they want.  And they’ve got a mandate.  What’s the problem? 

We’ve got a lot of people who went to DC and discovered they like it.  They’ve learned the key to staying up there is avoiding making ANYbody mad.  Give away a bunch of stuff.  Don’t cut anything. Be Santa Claus. (Even in June.)  Couple those people with those we sent up there who really seem to enjoy holding sway over the lives of “the little people” back home, and you see the enormity of the problem we face.  

We need to stay on these people.  Put the squeeze on them in such a way it would make the IRS or the mafia wince. 

ObamaCare HAS to go.  NOW.

We don’t want a new welfare program in its place.  Start by thinning the red tape strangling our existing health care system.  Despite all of the red tape, we STILL have the best system in the world.  People from around the globe come HERE for their care.  Even the Saudi royal family. 

As government has increased its involvement in health care, the system’s performance has deteriorated.  It’s become more impersonal and more expensive.  If you really care about saving the country for future generations, kill this beast and start cleaning up the mess DC has already made.

8 thoughts on “What? Six — almost seven — years is NOT ENOUGH ????

  1. Repubs are The World’s Worst Front-Runners both at state and federal levels. They never have figured out how to run government… they are more comfortable sitting back and whining they don’t have the votes. Give’em the votes and they freeze up. … Drain The Swamp, Donald.

  2. “They’ve learned the key to staying up there is avoiding making ANYbody mad”

    Wonder how they think people will react to the fact that they were being dishonest all along about wanting to repeal Obamacare?

    1. And not repealing will make many, many more people mad than they think. I guess they will have to learn at the ballot box.

  3. Agent Pierce absolutely nails it. The GOP fraud on the voters has been exposed. The biggest threat to Trump’s making America great again are the congressional Republicans. I hope the Donald takes them on. Drain the swamp, starting with the worthless GOP Establishment. And let’s start looking for a Donald here in NC as well. The Raleigh swamp is just as bad.

  4. Hey Hudson and company! Screw Obamacare. What I’m concerned about is that I’ve had to replace my excellent health care plan with a lesser one because I could no longer afford it. The lesser plan that replaced it is getting more and more expensive while steadily reducing benefits. To add insult to injury, I’ve recently gotten sick after being healthy as a horse for many years.

    In short you morons are starting to cost me real serious money. Get it together dudes. I’m not too sick to shove a pitchfork to your worthless backsides. Drain The Swamp, Donald.

  5. It took a little while, but we rid ourselves of Renee Ellmers because she was an arrogant and insulting turncoat and an embarrassment to our District.

    Be honest, keep your promises, and we will back you. Support President Trump, rescind and replace Obamacare with a better plan.

    Mr. Hudson, if you want 12,000 calls from conservatives, who expect you to keep your word, we can arrange that.

    And how did those 12,000 “freaked out” callers get through your call screeners? Seriously?

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