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NC campaign 2012: Mike Causey on ObamaCare ruling, campaign trail gossip

    I caught up with Mike Causey, Republican candidate for commissioner of insurance, while he was on his way to a speaking engagement DownEast in the big city of Washington (NC, that is). Causey faces Richard Morgan in the July 17th GOP runoff election….

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The fallout from today’s ObamaCare ruling at The Supreme Court

So, despite what Barack Hussein Obama & co. told us, ObamaCare was found to be basically a big ol’ tax increase. The imbeciles in the mainstream media are talking about this in terms of the political horse race —  how the votes broke down on…

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AP & rest of MSM hoping for a successor to Obamacare

            The AP is running with a story today touting a poll they say shows “vast support” for new federal health care legislation if — as expected — The Supreme Court tosses out Obamacare: […] A new health care bill…

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SC state Senate just says NO to BarryO’s health care voodoo

        In Columbia, the upper chamber of South Carolina’s legislature has sent a clear, resounding message to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue: The South Carolina Senate approved a bill that would make the state the 16th to opt out of covering abortions with taxpayer…

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GOP sellout on ObamaCare?

      The Tea Party worked hard to give Republicans a majority in the U.S. House and a larger caucus in the U.S. Senate in 2010.  How did DC Republicans repay this small-government grassroots movement?  They worked with BarryO to raise the federal debt…

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Ellmers sets her sights on ObamaCare

          Congresswoman Renee Ellmers — an RN married to an MD — has got a true insiders perspective on American healthcare and government bureaucracy’s effect on it.  She  recently penned an op-ed on BarryO’s health care voodoo: When the Constitution and…

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Democrats: Screw the economy! Let’s talk about RUBBERS

    We’ve got record unemployment.  The housing market is still in the tank.  Our national debt is at an all-time high.  Gas prices skyrocketing to $4 and $5 per gallon.  Violence erupting in the Middle East and Latin America.  Major economic meltdowns in Europe….

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U.S. Senator Sock Puppet (D-NC) gets her dander up

      The folks who enjoy abortion, and the generous government funding it enjoys, like to refer to themselves as “pro-choice.”  But anyone who dares to make a “choice” this crowd doesn’t like risks being subjected to heavy-handed political intimidation and lawsuits.  When the…