AP & rest of MSM hoping for a successor to Obamacare







The AP is running with a story today touting a poll they say shows “vast support” for new federal health care legislation if — as expected — The Supreme Court tosses out Obamacare:


A new health care bill doesn’t seem to be in either party’s plans on the verge of the high court’s verdict on the law aimed at extending health insurance to more than 30 million Americans who now lack coverage. Republicans say they will try to repeal whatever’s left of the law after the high court rules and then wait at least until after the November elections to push replacement measures. Democrats say Obama will push to put in place whatever survives.

But an Associated Press-GfK poll shows that more than three-fourths of Americans do not want their political leaders to leave the health care system alone in the event the court throws out the health care law.

That seems to insinuate that EVERYONE still wants some government meddling in health care — just a slightly different flavor.  Riddle me this, my fellow Americans:  Can you think of ANYTHING that has become less costly, less complicated, and more efficient thanks to government intervention?   I can’t.
Congressional Republicans should wipe the idea out of their minds that Americans want a slightly different take on government meddling in health care.  Talk to ANY medical professional and they will tell you the greatest costs they incur — which get passed on to patients — involve compliance with government regulations.
If you’re going to try and “replace” ObamaCare — do it with legislation that ROLLS BACK at least some of the red tape swamping the socialistic mess that is now our health care system.    Only then will end-users (the patients) start to see some positive changes  in costs and service.
Of course, that’s  kind of like Andy and Barney asking Otis to stop boozing.