Where NCGOP’s failure to challenge Roy Cooper reelection comes back to haunt us

With the decision by The Supreme Court the other day, ObamaCare is coming at us full speed ahead (barring courageous action by our members of Congress.)

The legislation makes a lot of totalitarian demands on state governments.  Many states — like Virginia and South Carolina — are talking about mounting challenges to the law.

You do that through your Attorney General.  Unfortunately, we have Roy Cooper who has been an outspoken fan of just about everything to come out of Barack Hussein Obama’s mouth.

If we had a Republican candidate nominated to face Cooper in November, we could put some pressure on Cooper to do the right thing — what the great majority of the people in this state WANT.  But ol’ Roy is unopposed for reelection this year — and is likely doing a lot of relaxing during this campaign season.

Couple Cooper’s pro-Obama positions with the chaotic state of the SBI, and you could have a heck of a platform to run on in what looks like a great GOP year.

Unfortunately,  North Carolina will be sitting on the sidelines while other states fight valiantly to save their residents from the tyranny of ObamaCare.

Thanks, Robin and Wayne.