The fallout from today’s ObamaCare ruling at The Supreme Court

So, despite what Barack Hussein Obama & co. told us, ObamaCare was found to be basically a big ol’ tax increase.

The imbeciles in the mainstream media are talking about this in terms of the political horse race —  how the votes broke down on the court, what it means for Obama, as well as generally who won and who lost.

This ruling — as well as the whole kerfluffle over ObamaCare — is a victory for ANYONE who thinks it’s good to further weaken the economy and force more people into dependence on government assistance. 

Last night, I had the chance to talk with a number of entrepreneurs who are significant employers here in The Carolinas.   The discussion turned to this ruling today.  All of them — to a person — said they needed more employees within their businesses, but were afraid to pull the trigger and hire them until they had a better understanding of the costs associated with ObamaCare.

If they were afraid prior to the ruling, they must be petrified now. 

So, if ObamaCare is really little more than a big ol’ tax increase — it can be easily repealed or rolled back like any other tax.  If there are ANY Republicans with cojones left in Congress, they will force a vote on repealing this ” tax.”

All of this meddling — all of this drama — is traumatizing our already reeling economy.  The last thing struggling Americans and their businesses need is another layer of regulation and taxation.