Democrats: Screw the economy! Let’s talk about RUBBERS



We’ve got record unemployment.  The housing market is still in the tank.  Our national debt is at an all-time high.  Gas prices skyrocketing to $4 and $5 per gallon.  Violence erupting in the Middle East and Latin America.  Major economic meltdowns in Europe.  What’s at the top of  El Presidenté ‘s agenda? BIRTH CONTROL.  That’s right.  BIRTH CONTROL PAID FOR WITH MONEY OUR GOVERNMENT DOESN’T HAVE.  That’s right.  Charge all those Yaz pills and Trojans to our Visa with the $20 trillion limit. 

All this talk got started about a month ago in New Hampshire  at a GOP presidential debate, when George Kryzyewski — um, er, I mean — Stephanopolous, Hillary’s slave boy, harassed Mitt Romney on live TV about banning contraception.  Ol’ Mitt, rightly so, told Little George that was a stupid question and that he didn’t know ANYBODY at the state or federal level seriously considering a ban on contraception. Pundits pondered over Georgie’s strange obsession with condoms for a little while, then the subject changed.

Fast forward to the real recent past, where Barry announced to the world that his health care plan would REQUIRE all employers — even those affiliated with churches — to pay for their employees’ birth control.  Of course, that led to a very public backlash with the Catholic Church leading the charge.  Soon, Barry was announcing a “compromise” : Employers will not have to pay for birth control.  But insurance companies would have to cover it FREE OF CHARGE.   Is that really a compromise?  Barry is still getting what he wants.  Employers will still be paying premiums that go toward birth control. Do you really think insurance companies will just quietly and willingly eat the cost of all that “free” birth control?    Nope.  Premiums and co-pays will go up.  Barry will have made it even more expensive to for the producers to live in HIS America.

Now, we’re getting this spin from Democrats on The Hill and from Barry’s surrogates on the campaign trail that Republicans will BAN CONTRACEPTION if they take The White House in 2o12.  This talk conveniently pops up as a Mormon and a conservative Catholic lead the GOP presidential field.

Let’s say that claptrap was true. Why didn’t the GOP go ahead and DO IT when they held The White House AND Congress from 2001-2007?  Answer: Because it’s not true.  Anyone who gives a damn about this country doesn’t even have Trojans on his or her radar screen.  They’re focused like a laser beam on this economic disaster created by Barry and his playmates.

That’s really interesting that the mainstream media has been hooked by the Democrat spin about those scary Mormons and Catholics.  (*Yeah, the clean-cut guys in suits and ties on bikes just give me the willies.*)  

Good going guys.  Let’s KEEP IGNORING the fact that Barry sat in church for 20 years listening to the whitey-hating, Jew-bashing, terrorist-cheering rantings of Jeremiah Wright. 

I believe it was Dick Morris who once talked about how Barry’s only path to reelection was a scorched-earth campaign that divided our society like never before.  I think we’re witnessing another of Morris’s predictions coming true.

Republicans have a mandate to drop-kick Barry all the way back to Chicago — or even Kenya.  They need to stop tearing each other apart, start focusing on presenting a clear alternative to the status quo,  and start laying the groundwork for a turnaround in post-Barry America.