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@UNCC: Please pass the lubricant.

All that money you are shoveling out to alleged institutions of higher learning appears to be getting put to,um, *good* use.  Check out what’s happening at UNC-Charlotte: Jessamyn Bowling, a faculty member in the Public Health Sciences Department, and a team of students are leading…

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The 21 steps to condom usage

Yep. if you were really wondering WHAT you were getting for your dollars you fork out to UNC for the kiddo’s (kiddoes’) time in Chapel Hill, here’s a taste: A “sexual health activity” at UNC Chapel Hill teaches students how to “correctly put on a…

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Democrats: Screw the economy! Let’s talk about RUBBERS

    We’ve got record unemployment.  The housing market is still in the tank.  Our national debt is at an all-time high.  Gas prices skyrocketing to $4 and $5 per gallon.  Violence erupting in the Middle East and Latin America.  Major economic meltdowns in Europe….