The 21 steps to condom usage

Yep. if you were really wondering WHAT you were getting for your dollars you fork out to UNC for the kiddo’s (kiddoes’) time in Chapel Hill, here’s a taste:

A “sexual health activity” at UNC Chapel Hill teaches students how to “correctly put on a condom” using twenty-one steps laid out in “condom line-up cards.” […]

Um, step one:  It’s NOT a hat.  

[…]The activity, promulgated by UNC’s Student Wellness center, is meant to “increase the participant’s comfort with condom use” and “raise participant’s consciousness about safer sex practices, condom use, and dental dams.”

The game is played by giving students “condom cards,” either 8.5 inch x 11 inch sheets of paper or index cards with a step of “proper condom use” written on each one. Students are given five minutes to “put the steps in order.”

“Make it a competition and the first team to finish ‘wins,’” the Wellness website explains. (It is unclear what “winning” means in this context; the game instructions place the term “wins” in quotation marks, suggesting that there is no meaningful distinction for finishing first in the competition.)

The steps for alleged proper condom usage include checking the expiration date, obtaining “affirmative consent,” “kissing,” “arousal,” performing a “visual inspection” of the condom, performing another “visual inspection” later on, engaging in intercourse, disposing of the condom, and “savor[ing] the afterglow.”

Facilitators are instructed to “explain why the cards belong in the order,” telling students, for example, that “the expiration date should be checked when condoms are purchased or gotten so in the heat of the moment, a person doesn’t have to search the package for the date that is in small print.”

Participants will also learn about “the importance of getting consent before any sexual interaction,” “the hazards of spermicides,” “the variety of condoms,” and “flavored or other condom use.”

Yeah.  These folks sure aren’t getting enough of our tax dollars. 

6 thoughts on “The 21 steps to condom usage

  1. I don’t think this course was offered in Madison when I was at the University of Wisconsin. Boy, the times they are a changing, and I’m not sure that is good. Is this analogous to English for the athletic scholarship students? Come on, let’s try to produce future leaders!

  2. Individual private matter, Nurse or Medical Dr. should instruct with the individual. Not part of Education General Course requirements.

  3. Is there anyone in the legislature, recognizing the level of corruption in our university system, willing to make significant cuts in the funding? AND, beginning draining one of North Carolina’s swamps.

  4. I keep waiting for the legislature to come up with their 21 steps to getting sanity back in our state universities, and have been very disappointed so far. Maybe, we could even use a liberal tactic back against them and require some affirmative action to restore diversity of thought on our campuses within the faculties.

  5. You can absolutely give up on any hope of the GOP legislature doing anything to fix the corruption and radical liberalism at UNC. In fact, since the GOP has been in control, the corruption has only become worse. The GOP has packed the Board of Governors and UNC system trustee boards with enough clueless RINOs to guarantee that conservative reform will never come to UNC. Defeating the GOP legislative incumbents is the only solution to this disaster.

    1. First, we saw Tillis selling seats on the Board of Governors for campaign contributions. Then we saw Nelson Dollar pushing an extreme liberal Democrat on the basis that “he is black and he has been there before”. Disgusting.

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