For Southern Pines Town Council: Haney & Lancaster

Election day is Tuesday. We’ve got some decisions to make.  The voters of Southern Pines have a choice between four different candidates for TWO SEATS on the town council.

I am familiar with three of the four running:  Mitch Lancaster, Carol Haney and Marsh Smith. 

Marsh Smith seems to be on the ballot every two years.  He comes up short every time, too.  Smith is a proud liberal who wants to work some of that liberal magic on town government.  In past races, Smith has embraced the platform of The Sierra Clubwhich would mean more regulations and costs for town residents and businesses.  Marsh needs to maintain his status as an Oh-fer. 

Carol Haney has been quite a force for good in Southern Pines.  She worked side by side with her late husband Mike, a former mayor and councilmember, for years to do a lot of good for the town.  Although I disagree with her on some political issues, she’s had a positive impact on Southern Pines during her short tenure on the council.  She needs four more years.

Mitch Lancaster would bring the perspective of a young working parent and entrepreneur to the council dais.  He is a community-minded guy who can regularly be found out there giving his time and talent to good causes.  As a small businessman in the community, he’s sure to make a positive impact on the effort to keep Southern Pines a great place to live, do business and raise a family.  He needs your vote on Tuesday.