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Moore County: Did John McLaughlin commit a ‘Lorna Clack’?

    Some  years ago,  we had a rather pretentious (and awful)  county school board member named Lorna Clack who lost a bid for reelection.  (We like  to think this site had a small part to play in that event. )   At one particular…

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For Southern Pines Town Council: Haney & Lancaster

Election day is Tuesday. We’ve got some decisions to make.  The voters of Southern Pines have a choice between four different candidates for TWO SEATS on the town council. I am familiar with three of the four running:  Mitch Lancaster, Carol Haney and Marsh Smith. …

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Barack Hussein Smithson

    We’ve had to endure nearly four years of class warfare nonsense from our soon-to-be ex-president and his cronies.  Now, we’re getting it on the local level from Southern Pines town councilman Chris Smithson. The setting was the latest council meeting where the proposed…

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Property rights, economic development questions for Southern Pines, Pinehurst councils

            There was an interesting line in a recent Pilot story about Pinehurst’s new budget: […] Another $252,000 is in the budget for the construction of Spur Road, which would serve the new brewery that is proposed to be located…

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Back to the Future for Southern Pines: Mike Fields BACK on Town Council?

    Pinehurst recently tapped a familiar face to fill out the remainder of a term for an incumbent council member who had been elected mayor.  Southern Pines may be on the verge of doing something very similar. When town councilman David McNeill was elected…

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Southern Pines 2011: Woodruff’s questions

      I was flipping through this past Sunday’s edition of our thrice-weekly Pulitzer Prize winning local paper, when I noticed an ad promoting the  Southern Pines Town Council candidacy of David Woodruff.  In the ad, Woodruff asks a series of questions, and supplies…

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Southern Pines 2011: Grow Your Own Food, Read by Candlelight

  Most candidates for political office talk about how they are going to advance their communities through the new millennium.  Town Council candidate Marsh Smith, a dedicated green political activist, apparently wants to turn back the clock to the time of Southern Pines’s initial settlement….

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Southern Pines 2011: The Pilot makes a good call

  Kudos to Moore County’s thrice-weekly Pulitzer Prize winning local newspaper for its endorsements Sunday in this November’s Southern Pines municipal elections.  The Pilot endorsed the reelection of longtime veteran councilman Fred Walden and the campaign of Jim Simeon to replace retiring councilman Mike Fields:…

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Southern Pines 2011: NIMBY ticket seeks Town Council majority

  We’ve reported on the Village Action Team-endorsed ticket of Cashion, Fiorillo and Parson in Pinehurst.   Now, in Southern Pines, it appears the hardcore anti-development crowd in Southern Pines is rallying its forces behind the mayoral candidacy of Chris Smithson and the council candidacies…

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Southern Pines 2011: The Money Chase

Typically, a campaign that raises the most money from the most individuals does quite well on election day.  Campaigns that raise over $1,000 are required to file finance reports with The Moore County Board of Elections. Town Councilman David McNeill, one of two candidates for…