Southern Pines 2011: The Pilot makes a good call


Kudos to Moore County’s thrice-weekly Pulitzer Prize winning local newspaper for its endorsements Sunday in this November’s Southern Pines municipal elections.  The Pilot endorsed the reelection of longtime veteran councilman Fred Walden and the campaign of Jim Simeon to replace retiring councilman Mike Fields:

Voters in the Southern Pines Town Council election have an embarrassment of riches, with two distinctly different options — the status quo or more stringent zoning regulations.

All four candidates have the town’s best interests at heart, which is a good place to start a discussion on the future of Moore County’s second-largest town.

We’re generally pleased with the state of things in Southern Pines. That’s why our endorsements for the Town Council’s two open seats go to four-time incumbent Fred Walden and newcomer James “Jim” Simeon.

Walden and Simeon both promise to continue the progressive and sensible growth policies that have served Southern Pines well for a couple of decades. Former council member David Woodruff and Marsh Smith, a local attorney and environmental activist, appear to represent a departure toward more regulations on development.


(Simeon has been endorsed by Mike Fields and is expected to govern in a style very similar to that of Fields.)

A victory in November by these two, coupled with a mayoral victory by David McNeill, will serve Southern Pines well for the near future.