Moore County: Did John McLaughlin commit a ‘Lorna Clack’?



Some  years ago,  we had a rather pretentious (and awful)  county school board member named Lorna Clack who lost a bid for reelection.  (We like  to think this site had a small part to play in that event. )


At one particular campaign forum event,  DOCTOR Lorna Clack declared to the audience she would “leave no turn un-stoned” in the mission to educate our children.   So, in honor of DOCTOR Clack,  we have officially declared any and all butcherings of the English language by Moore County politicians to be known as ‘Lorna Clacks.’




Southern Pines Town Council candidate John McLaughlin appears to be the establishment choice to fill a vacancy on the town board.  George Little,  Raleigh’s man in Moore County, has cut a radio ad supporting McLaughlin.


McLaughlin has a radio ad out on our local talk station declaring that, if elected, he will make decisions based on “my own personal analyzation.”


What?  Annalization?  Analization?  (Pulling things out of your rear?  That sounds like a typical politician decision-making strategy.)  Analyzation?  Is that a word?


Let’s see:


(So,  is Mr.  McLaughlin taking us back in time like Marty McFly and Doc Brown?)




And then  there is the whole matter of — ahem — “formal writing”:





I, for one, am not so sure that political ads on WEEB count as “formal writing.”