Memo to McCrory: ‘ I ain’t Bev’ will NO LONGER CUT IT







Former Charlotte mayor Pat McCrory, the NCGOP’s messiah, is not exactly inflaming conservative passions:

Former Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory filed for governor Wednesday, promising to “fix this broken government and this broken economy.”

He also began to put some small breathing space between himself and the Republican legislature, saying he did not approve of its post-midnight session held last month. “I prefer all sessions to be at times when people are alert,” McCrory said.

But McCrory said he agreed with the action of the GOP legislature in ending dues checkoffs for members of the N.C. Association of Educators. The action was taken in a specially called session of the legislature that took place after midnight.

He said there were probably “several other examples” of where he differed with the GOP legislature, but he said he would lay them out as the campaign went on. Overall, McCrory said, “there are very few issues I disagree with.”

Um, Pat:  Government is NOT BROKEN.  It is MORBIDLY OBESE.  It needs to go on a crash diet, get a stomach stapling or liposuction or something.  Telling the voters you can manage the Raleigh leviathan more efficiently than Bev has IS NOT going to send people running to the polls praising your name.
People are hurting out here. They are looking more or less for some of that Bain Capital-style “creative destruction.”
Also, it is a waste of time to kiss up to the mainstream media.  Go dig up some old footage of Jim Martin’s press conferences to see what kind of friends these hacks are.  The MSM will turn on you as soon as a Dem nominee is crowned and Barry shows up in Charlotte for his convention.
This is war, buddy.  It’s not horseshoes or patty-cake.  If you thought Barry dropped a lot of money on this state last time, you AIN’T SEEN NOTHIN’ YET.   Define yourself before Barry & his playmates do, and all that ‘walking-around’ money hits the streets.
Also, stop throwing your fellow GOPers on Jones Street under the bus.  (They were already in session late at night.  To comply with state law, they waited a few more hours.  It was much more above-board than MANY of the shenanigans perpetrated by Basnight, Rand, and Black in the “glory days.” )
You’re going to need them to ram through some of the McCrory administration’s creative destruction agenda.