#ncpol: CYA, DC-style.

pittengerFolks in flyover country are ANGRY.  Raleigh knows it.  And, apparently, DC has figured it out, too. The GOP-controlled House pushed through a bill they claimed repealed ObamaCare and defunded Planned Parenthood.  Never mind that a big chunk of Republicans JUST voted for an omnibus bill that funded ALL of that.  

Yessirree.  We’ve got folks like Renee Ellmers — who said ”absolutely not” to joining Ted Cruz’s ObamaCare defund effort — and Robert Pittenger — who famously told Chuck Suter on video that he would not fight the implementation of ObamaCare  — NOW voting like good Tea Party boys-and-girls.  It’s A-MAZING what  facing the voters in a tough primary season will do. 

We need to go ahead and start the countdown clock as we await all of those ads commending Congressman X or Coreneengressman Y for “voting to repeal ObamaCare and defund Planned Parenthood.”  Never mind that this crowd told all of us to go pound sand when we were a lot further away from election time. 

Other than the approaching primaries, WHAT has changed?  We were told it was a waste of time to vote on bills like this because Obama would just veto them. Well, he’s still here. 

They’ve waited so long that ObamaCare has deeply woven itself into our society and economy.  It’s already done a lot of damage.

This will go nowhere, and it really wasn’t ever ,meant to.  It’s a show vote for the benefit of the rubes suckers voters back home. At least one candidate here in North Carolina — Republican Mark Otto in the Seventh Congressional District race — has recognized this for what it truly is:

“Today’s action is simply another ruse by Congressman Rouzer to trick voters and obscure the fact that he voted to fund abortion provider Planned Parenthood and Obamacare just weeks ago, before I announced my candidacy.  Facing the ire of voters, he is now in full damage control mode and has pulled a John Kerry, flip-flopping his position.  He must think voters are stupid.rouz

This is another example of trickery and politics as usual in Washington.  Congressman Rouzer had the perfect opportunity to prevent funding for America’s biggest abortion provider just weeks ago but instead he voted to give them $450 million of taxpayer funds.  The same holds true for Obamacare.  The congressional record proves that Congressman Rouzer was for funding Planned Parenthood and Obamacare before he was against it, and before he knew that a consistently conservative candidate would emerge to challenge him in March’s Primary Election. 

It is a shameful display of typical Washington shenanigans designed for Congressman Rouzer to claim he voted against abortion provider Planned Parenthood and Obamacare when, in fact, he already voted to fund them just days before Christmas.  What nonsense pretending now he is going to take those funds back.

Conservative voters want a congressman who will to fight to defend our values every single day, every single vote.  If elected to congress I will never vote to fund abortion provider Planned Parenthood and I will never vote to fund Obamacare.  Instead, I will be a consistently conservative congressman.”


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  1. It is a shameful display of Conservatve shenanigans to waste time voting to repeal the Affordable Care Act that they know the President will veto – when they have NOTHING better to put in its place.

    1. Talking Points Memo? How about citing the North Korean Daily Worker? They have about the same ideology and credibility!

  2. Agreed.. they voted for it and got Obama approval, then voted against it and got denied by Obama with little comment.. he knows what it was… first full throated support of Planned parenthood and Obamacare followed by a phoney vote meant to fool people.. its why the President quietly vetoed the bills.. it was a fake bill. I don’t think Ryan got approval from the President for this phoniness.. but he knew Obama would see it for what it was and veto without incident. Of course our response to this will have our side point to it and say we cant be happy because I really believe they are that twisted from too much time up in DC.

    1. The real problem is the craven cowards in GOP leadership – McConnell, Boehner, and now Ryan, along with their lieutenants – who quake in their boots at any thought of using the power of the purse to cut Obama down to size. There is not a complete set of vertebrae among the lot of them.

  3. With the exception of Walter Jones and maybe one or two others, you really have to have your head examined if you vote for ANY GOP incumbent. ALL of them MUST go.

      1. No, no, no on Mark Meadows. He and that good for nothing “Freedom” caucus were 100% in for open borders / Obama enabler Paul Ryan. MM is part of the problem.

  4. Well, The Traitor Paul Ryan, and all the rest of the spineless Republicans in Congress were cringing at the national OUTRAGE over them bending over and grabbing their ankles for Obama and the Democrats, in this latest budget sellout.
    So, (they said) let’s do a token vote to repeal Obamacare, knowing that Hussein would veto it! (How can we fool ’em today)?
    Alas, the congressional Republicans are all off to purchase all the K-Y in DC, so it doesn’t hurt so much when they bend over and take it………(you know where)!
    They are all a pathetic disgrace!

    1. It would not be a token vote IF the GOP had something better to put in place of the Affordable Care Act. They have had a LONG time to do so but even they must realize that the ACA is the best we have going. Now if they would settle down to make the necessary adjustments to improve the ACA.

      1. You must really drink the Obama kool aid. Obamacare has destroyed American health insurance by straightjacketing plans. Now many Americans have lost their plans and their doctors, something the tyrant Obama lied through his teeth about. Now health plans, even through employers offer less and at a higher cost, and with massive deductibles. Obama has destroyed our health insurance. He should be deported to North Korea, whose ideology seems to fit his so well.

        1. Ah, the unspecified “many Americans”. I don’t know of ANYone who has lost their doctor, or their plan. I don’t know of anyone who’s premium has gone up or their deductilbe either. While I know it happens, it may not be any more dissruptive than how things were before. AND a LOT more people are insured now that the ACA is in place.

  5. I am a first hand recipient of the David Rouzer lies. He told many constituents many times in person, in emails, in letters in townhalls he would NEVER vote for any vehicle that reauthorized the ExIM Bank. Then, Voila, he voted for the massive Highway Trust Fund Bailout Bill that did just that. Then 20 of us held a coffee and he pledged to sign the Mulvaney Letter to Defund Planned Parenthood (which mean no funding it no matter what legislative vehicle it was attached to). Again, voila, he funds it along with the rest of the Obama agenda (including illegal amnesty) in the massive Omnibus bill. David Rouzer is a liar and must be replaced. I plan on voting OTTO for congress in NC7.

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