Screw quality and performance. Give us “Diversity.”

intoleranceLefties like to paint those of us on the right,who resist the dark side, as bigots. But they should take a good hard look at themselves.  Ever notice how they stereotype all blacks, Hispanics and women as thinking and behaving alike?   (Notwithstanding various and sundry OB-GYN related topics, WHAT IS a “women’s issue”?  For every Deborah Ross or Hillary Rodham fangirl, I run across tons of female fans of THIS site who are ideologically-aligned with me, or even TO MY RIGHT.)  

The usual race and gender pimps on the left like to bandy about the word ”diversity” to provide cover for their efforts to remove and replace political opposition from positions of influence. Lefties will holler over the lack of “diversity” in, say, certain Wake County schools, but are strangely and conspicuously silent on the matters of Bennett College or North Carolina A&T. 

The student body at UNC-Chapel Hill is 63 percent white.  Yet, only 4 of the 16 players (25 percent) on the men’s basketball team are white.  If we operate by lefty logic, somebody needs to round up about eight more jump-shooting white boys.  *To jamake things “fair” and “diverse” and “representative,” of course.* 

But wait.  I am SURE ol’ Roy Williams picked those guys for his team because they were the best talent available to him.  Talent and experience and qualifications don’t matter to lefties.  To them, it’s all about anatomy and skin tone. The SAME THING they accuse us of being all about. 

The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction — presided over by June “The Mummy” Atkinson and overwhelmingly populated with teacher union goons — has released a report to the state board of education (and, of course, their driveby buddies) badmouthing charter schools for their lack of,um, “diversity.” Listen to this nonsense:

[…] More than 57 percent of students attending charter schools in the current school year are white, compared with traditional public schools’ 49.5 percent, the report said.

The proportion of African-American students is about the same across both types of schools. A little more than 8 percent of charter students are Hispanic, while enrollment at traditional schools is more than 16 percent Hispanic.

The report also references an April 2015 study by Helen Ladd, Charles Clotfelter and John Holbein of Duke University that showed little integration within individual charter schools. Student populations at individual charters, their study found, are predominantly white or predominantly minority.

The state board sends a report on charters to the legislature each year, but this one comes as charter school enrollments are accelerating while growth of traditional public schools

Yep.  Government school goons are trying to use the power of the bureaucracy to protect their turf.  MORE: 

[…] Charter enrollment increased quickly after the state lifted the 100-school cap in 2011. About 41,200 students were enrolled in charters then. Last fall, nearly 82,000 students enrolled in one of 158 schools, according to the report. Overall, traditional public schools were expected to add about 3,700 students this year.

Charter schools have a smaller proportion of low-income students, the report says. At charters last year, 36 percent of students were economically disadvantaged, compared with nearly 55 percent at traditional schools.



Where does this stop?  Will we next compare the ratio of left- and right-handed public school students to those in charter schools?

To the left, diversity stops at one’s epidermis.  The appointment of Clarence Thomas to the US Supreme Court ensured continued black representation on the high court.  But libs hated it.  * Dark skin is great.  But the thinking inside that skin needs to match that of Calypso Louie Farrakhan or Al Sharpton.*  To them, there is no such thing as diversity of tpublic schoolhought.  Libs love everybodywho thinks exactly like they do. 

Charter schools don’t cost anything to enroll in.  If administrators at various campuses are purposely excluding certain groups from enrolling, that is a problem.  But no one has offered proof of that.  

Charters take our money away from the educrats and put it in the hands of semi-private groups to implement creative new methods for educating our kids.  Government schools are a miserable failure that we keep throwing money at.  Educrats are angry that their monopolistic control over our kids is being challenged.  A little competition never hurt anyone.

The whole diversity game’s true purpose is to keep America and its institutions and people watered down, dumbed down, and dependent on the welfare state. Allowing people to grow and succeed based on their talent and drive is unacceptable to the crowd that believes government is the answer.

Reports like this — showing charter schools regularly outperforming neighboring government schools — are an uncomfortable, painful reality for educrats and their comrades.  If we find something that works, we ought to give it what it needs to keep growing and succeeding and GET OUT OF THE WAY,



6 thoughts on “Screw quality and performance. Give us “Diversity.”

  1. Apparently Junie has never been to Durham School of the Arts (albeit a magnet but entrance is lottery based like charters) whose student population is overwhelmingly minority and is consistently ranked as one of the best schools in the state if not the country but I digress. I do find it so interesting that the “doctor” is all about social justice, diversity and all that liberal b/s just as the election cycle is starting to kick in. It is likely a diversionary tactic to keep folks from looking at her real record of failing schools, Common Core (which Pat also owns) and the mass exodus of students to charters and away from DPI’s clutches.

  2. The reason the Democrats and the teacher’s unions oppose Charter Schools is because THEY WORK.
    The teacher’s unions have The Herd Mentality: “protect and shelter the weakest member of the herd, no matter how incompetent”.
    The Democrats oppose charter schools, because they are “poverty pimps”. Their policies are devoted to keep minorities “on the plantation”, to ensure their reelections.
    Why do you think they vehemently attack “conservative” blacks like Justice Clarence Thomas, Allen West, Rep. Mia Love, and Sen. Tim Scott? Because it doesn’t fit their agenda!
    Minority kids must be trapped in failing schools, so they can keep incompetent teachers working, and they can blame those “Wascally Wepublicans” for the mess that the Democrats created!

  3. Germany is seeing what you get from ”diversity”. Merkel let in over a million Muslim migrants this year (the same ones the GOP leadership funding Obama to bring to the US), and the result was thousands of them involved in coordinated sexual assaults on German women on New Years Eve:

    The same thing happened in Austria and Switzerland, but the police in Finland put a lid on it when they were tipped off that it was planned.

  4. Another thing is the “Public Education” System’s (and certain leftist colleges) attempts to suppress Asian-American students.
    WHY? Because Asian-American students are kicking butt in math, science, and all the other subjects. They generally come from stable, two-parent families, and they are encouraged by their parents to excel.
    Usually, one of the parents works an extra job on the weekends, to pay for special tutoring for their kids.
    Consequently, they ace the college entrance exams. But certain liberal colleges have now said: “we can’t let the best and the brightest” in, we must have “diversity, no matter how dumb”.

  5. I agree completely with your Asian American assessment. Many attend “Chinese” school on weekend which focuses on traditional teaching methods in core subjects (as opposed to yet another social justice / down with the man assignment). Yet for all of their success this group overwhelmingly votes for leftists who would like to suppress their success so that favored minorities will not get their feelings hurt. I wonder when these book smart, highly successful achievers will wake up and start supporting candidates who actually celebrate individual achievement. And, equally important, why are the dolts in the GOP not recognizing this outreach opportunity (rhetorical question)???

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