#ncpol: Oh, look. An agenda. (And Hasan, too !!!)

It is always an adventure when we crack open the Haymaker’s inbox and take a peek at its latest contents. mail Today’s venture did not disappoint:








As a reminder, the next meeting of the NC Republican Party Executive Committee will be held on Saturday, January 9, 2016, at Phoenix Academy Building 2, 4191 Mendenhall Oaks Parkway, High Point, NC 27265.

 CHARLOTTE, NC - NOVEMBER 4: Dallas Woodhouse attends U.S. Rep. Thom Tillis's watch party at The Omni Hotel Ballroom on November 4, 2014, in Charlotte, North Carolina. Rep. Thom Tillis (R-NC) is running in a tight race for the North Carolina Senate seat against opponent U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan (D-NC). (Photo by Davis Turner/Getty Images)





For more information, you may contact me at Hasan.Harnett@ncgop.org or (704) 526-9432. You may also contact Katie Sullivan at Katie.Sullivan@ncgop.org or (919) 828-6423 ext 112.


We look forward to seeing you!

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Here is the agenda.   It looks like the meeting is full of potential for fireworks.  Right after the officer reports, we have “2016 Budget Approval” under Old dlBusiness.  THAT could prove to be an uncomfortable discussion for executive director Dallas Woodhouse who promised the moon, in terms of fundraising, but has basically delivered a moon rock.

After Old Business comes New Business.  The first two items in this section are: (1) RNC Committeeman Impeachment Resolution, and (2) Executive Director No Confidence Resolution.  Again, a likely uncomfortable discussion for Mr. Woodhouse.

It IS interesting this is scheduled to start at 12:30 and the Marco Rubio event is slated to begin in Raleigh at 4PM.  I wouldn’t be surprised if a quorum gets lost right around 3 PM — the latest people need to leave in order to get to the Rubio event. 

29 thoughts on “#ncpol: Oh, look. An agenda. (And Hasan, too !!!)

    1. That’s what people of character and integrity would do. Sadly, it appears these two may be severely lacking in both.
      Prayers for the solid – good people – without a personal agenda to prevail, to return these qualities to the party and get on with the business of trying to right this sinking ship.

      1. “In addition to criticizing Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton, Republicans need to tell the American people over and over that the only thing that can stop the further degradation of the United States of America is CONSERVATISM and the Republican Party. Because only conservatism and the Republican Party can stop the left.” http://townhall.com/columnists/dennisprager/2015/12/15/why-dont-republicans-identify-what-they-are-fighting-n2093722/page/full

        This is why Republicans have the duty to weed our own garden of people allowing the weeds of liberalism or corruption to grow in our fields.

  1. Wow! The establishment will really be torn between staying to defend Lewis and Woodhouse, on one hand, and paying homage to the establishment’s new main man for president, Marco ”Gang of 8” Rubio, on the other. With Bush fading, his old protege Rubio, seems to be the establishment’s new choice for the nomination.

    Hopefully those La Raza types that choose to go see Rubio will at least leave a quorum behind.

    1. BINGO! I have not forgiven, nor will I, Lewis’ use of La Raza to redraw the District maps and the shell game that ensued. For that alone he should not be in a leadership position at all. And the NCGOPe played along, including my rep Frank Iler. Their fear of conservatives shows they will stop at nothing to try to stop us – however I do believe there is a crack in the armor.
      Prayers for the good people, doing the right thing.

      1. Lewis redistricted out two incumbent GOP legislators whose districts were fine until his very last map that screwed them. Lewis is an enemy of conservatives and we need to pull out all stop to dump him from every position he holds.

  2. They won’t be torn. The last thing they’ll want is an actual vote on either of those guys. I fully expect delaying tactics, motions to table, and multiple quorum calls…ANYTHING to prevent people from having to go on the record and vote on the impeachment and no-confidence measures.

    1. I lost most of my remaining confidence in party delegates to stay put and complete business, after watching quorum break a the state convention so people could have ice cream with Robin Hayes.

      When the videos came out of Boehner reading “The Ayes Have It” off a teleprompter in Tampa – was when I seriously began asking myself how I could remain a member of such a facetious organization.

      1. “I seriously began asking myself how I could remain a member of such a facetious organization.”

        because if all the good people leave then EVIL wins so the good people need to stay and fight EVIL so there is a chance Truth and Goodness can win out

        1. Precisely. Perhaps those who don’t wish to adjourn should remain when the gavel comes down and open a secession meeting on behalf of interested County Parties.

  3. I lost my respect for the leadership when I watched them taking F-O-R-E-V-E-R presenting each other gifts after the Charlotte COnvention. Ada Fisher has mastered the art of “the stall”. She can unwrap a gift slower than anyone I have ever seen. Can we please get rid of her next?

    1. At least three district parties by resolution demanded an investigation by the central committee on Ada Fisher refusing to follow executive committee instructions at an RNC meeting. Fisher claimed she did but the video of the meeting showed she was lying and went directly opposite the instructions. The central committee set up an investigation committee, but Claude Pope allowed them to play stall ball so that there was never any report.

      The executive committee needs to set a deadline, like the next meeting for receipt of that report, or even set up a new committee appointed by the executive committee to get to the bottom of it.

      At the very least we need a conservative candidate to oppose her at the state convention in May.

  4. I will pray that the good people trying to “right this sinking ship” will prevail. Hasan Harnett is a good man who is being sabotaged and what a disgrace that is. The Grassroots elected him and I pray the Grassroots members on this Committee refuse to go along to get along and rid our NCGOP of folks who have shown us they are not better than the Democrats when ti coms to corruption. They are destroying a party which used to prove they had integrity and standards. Now, not a dime’s worth of difference….

    1. At this point of he feels he is being sabotaged this is the perfect committee for him to stand up and tell during his chairmans report. He needs to layout the problems and the people causing them and have the members in the executive committee take notes so they can return to the grassroots and tell everyone else so everyone might know the truth and the enemys of the party labeled. But if he acts like all if fine and dandy then no one can help him and he will end up loosing any respect of the grassroots that helped put him there

    2. Hassan is a grown man. I do believe he is being hindered in his role at the NCGOP by Dallas and Company, but why can’t he stand up for himself and call them out on it? The people who elected Hassan are the ones being sabatoged.

  5. So I hear the Douad Crowd have the votes to remove NIX after she found a Primary Challenger against AJ. This should be fun to watch….

    1. ***Disclaimer: the above McCoy is not “Chris McCoy”

      That’s all. Have a great day everybody.

      1. haha that’s ok I had to make a post like this before Christmas I think clarification is always good that is what this site is for anyway right

          1. Everyone drive safe and come prepared for sit and stay all afternoon

            most most of all fight for true conservative values and be willing to get to the truth

  6. I hope that Hasan has been sitting in class to learn the intricacies of Roberts Rules of Order and that he has grown a backbone. He must take control of this meeting and show the Republican electorate that indeed someone is looking out for us and serious about restoring honor and integrity to the fading GOP.

  7. Stand up and be counted or sit down and shut up!

    Cowering like abused dogs won’t get this done. 6 or 8 bullies don’t deserve to “Own” this party. Screw the power tripping cronies!

    We elected liberty. Now stand up and support it!

    1. guests can normally attend but at times will be asked to leave the room sometimes during votes and during the budget discussion I am sure they will kick guests out for that any time the committee has to go into closed session guests will have to leave

      but if you live close it could be worth the drive… positive support is always helpful

    2. Funny you should ask…I’ve gotten several inquiries from non-Committee members asking if they could sit in…what’s impressive about that is that High Point quite a drive from where they live.

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