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Curiouser and curiouser: The fight to replace David Lewis

    Conservatives in Harnett County got some apparent good news when they heard local party chairman Maggie Sandrock was going to toss her hat in the ring to replace Lewis — the second ranking Republican in the NC House and consigliere to Speaker Timmy….

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He’s outta here!

    State Rep. David Lewis, arguably the second most powerful member of his chamber,  has announced his “retirement” from the North Carolina House:   On Friday, Representative David R. Lewis (R-Harnett) announced that he will be withdrawing his name from the November General Election…

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#ncga: Yoga Pants, adult beverages, and DAVID LEWIS.

    Oh, the things politicians will attach their names to:     Depending on who is wearing them,  Yoga pants can be the most wonderful things.   Yet,  David Lewis is (1) very married, (2) representing a county that is a Southern Baptist powerhouse,…

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#ncga: ANOTHER ONE ???

  One million dollar lawsuit is BAD enough .  But TWO ?????   A powerful state lawmaker whose farm is struggling has been hit with a second $1-million-plus debt collection lawsuit.   John Deere Financial sued state Rep.David Lewis, one of the top Republican leaders…

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#ncga: David Lewis, defendant?

    The personal finances of the second most-powerful leader in the North Carolina House have apparently earned some extra scrutiny in the judicial arena:   An agricultural supply company sued Rep.David Lewis, R-Harnett, his farming company and its partners for more than $1.5 million…

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#ncga: David Lewis. A $500K “loan” from a federal indictee? (Nothing to see here. Move along.)

  Once again, we have a story about ETHICS and the second-most powerful man in the North Carolina House: A powerful state legislator borrowed half a million dollars last year from a man later indicted and accused of trying to bribe another state official.  …

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Will complaint against Robeson elections chairman disappear down that same Raleigh ‘black hole’ that ate 2015 ethics complaint against David Lewis?

    Inquiring minds want to know.   It’s easy to say:   “We got Dan Bishop elected, now move on.”   But is it about more than that?  Do we really want to ensure that all 100 counties run elections as cleanly as possible?  Or are…

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#ncga: David Lewis, ETHICS LAW chairman ???

I stumbled across this gem today: Ethics Law Chairman?  I knew Lewis was the big elections kahuna for the House.  But putting him in charge of ANYTHING akin to ETHICS??? (Yikes.) Let’s review, shall we? December 2015:  Lewis was the subject of an ethics complaint…

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#ncga: Harnett’s David Lewis moves his campaign ops to Raleigh

According to campaign finance documents, it apparently happened during the second quarter of 2018.  (June 29, to be exact.) As late as the first quarter of 2018, state Rep. David Lewis’s campaign finances were handled by TRP CPAs of Dunn, North Carolina — which is…

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#ncga: Election bill appears to benefit Lewis donor

The House committee dealing with election reform reported out a committee substitute to S486 yesterday.  Those of you who follow state politics closely know that Rules Committee Chairman David Lewis (R-Harnett) is the elections guru for the House majority. One provision in the bill that…