#ncga: ANOTHER ONE ???


One million dollar lawsuit is BAD enough .  But TWO ?????


A powerful state lawmaker whose farm is struggling has been hit with a second $1-million-plus debt collection lawsuit.


John Deere Financial sued state Rep.David Lewis, one of the top Republican leaders in the N.C. House, and Lewis Farms Inc. late last week in Harnett County. The company seeks full payment on a series of loans that go back to 2014, possession of a half dozen pieces of farming equipment listed as collateral and an extra 15 percent in attorneys fees.


Attempts to reach Lewis, who used to be a John Deere dealer, weren’t successful this week.


This is the second major debt collection filed this month against Lewis and his family farming businesses.[….]



Here are the details about the earlier debt collection effort.



Rep.  Jason Saine went from unemployment to joining the North Carolina House to being in charge of all things finance and appropriations.  That didn’t seem to be a problem.



By the way, has ANYBODY figured out what happened to Lewis’s  foray into the insurance business?  It sure surprised me to see he was back in farming.  Last I heard was that he was being named head of a regional insurance office in Fayetteville.


At some point,  Lewis probably owes his family, his colleagues and his constituents (among others) a serious effort to make things right.   Continuing to serve in the House leadership while you’re being sued for millions of dollars is not helpful to your party,  your constituents, your colleagues,  your creditors, or your family.  Maybe it’s time Lewis steps back /down and gets to work full-time on clearing this mess up.  At least before it helps to cause the dwindling GOP majority to come crashing down.