Oh, Hell. Dallas is BACK.



Well, that didn’t take long, now, did it?



The notorious Dallas Woodhouse,  he with the indicted grandpa,  has been spotted during the last few days within the deepest darkest quadrants of the NCGOP offices in Raleigh.   Immediately, it was assumed that the NCGOP had hired the little scamp back.



I have been assured by multiple senior NCGOP sources that the party leadership is not to be blamed for this contamination / infiltration.  These sources tell me that Stephen Wiley, political director for the NC House Republican Caucus, is responsible for bringing Dallas Woodhouse back into the fold. Apparently, according to my sources,  Dallas will be responsible for recruiting North Carolina House candidates.



Speaker Tim Moore and Rep. David Lewis —  Woodhouse’s fellow Campbell Camels — are two of the more influential decision-makers in the House Caucus.



During  Woodhouse’s tenure as NCGOP executive director was highlighted by a near total collapse of the party’s successes from 2010 and 2012.  Finances suffered.   The party lost majorities on the major state courts and nearly lost the majority in the General Assembly.   And the party chairman got indicted for lying to the FBI and reportedly aiding a bribery scheme.



Wow.  Bringing him back sounds like a no-brainer.


14 thoughts on “Oh, Hell. Dallas is BACK.

    1. The NCGA doesn’t recruit, they pick. There’s a difference. Just ask Mrs Lexo.
      It’s the It’s the party’s job to encourage people to run for public office, and support during the “general” election. I’ll say that again, the “GENERAL” election.

    2. but when they recruited crap people the time before in the urban areas they actually helped the democrats drive voters to the polls and raise money to fight against the GOP the plan #BACKFIRED

  1. It Appears to me if the NCGOP establishment was going to bring folks back into the Party it would be the Hard working Grassroots Conservative Republicans who were banned from even attending their own county meetings under the Grandpa Hayes, Winehouse Regime ….
    ATTENTION Michael Whatley
    A Lot of us Hard Core Grassroots Christian Conservative Republicans here in Haywood County And Across North Carolina are still Banned by the PREVIOUS NCGOP LEADERSHIP from Attending GOP Meetings or working with any GOP group in the state.
    We Want to Fight for GOD, Country, Family, and TRUMP .
    When will you Address this Issue ??
    #MAGA #TRUMP2020 #KEEPAMERICAGREAT http://www.haywoodtp.net/pubII/180320NoticeOfTrespass.pdf

    1. A lot of us have heard about the Haywood County episode. But, you’re right. This type of thing is happening all over North Carolina. Conservatives are the targets, not the Democrats. Ever heard of the Yellow Sheeters?

  2. Robin Hood strikes again. Just wait for a complete nol pros from the judges and
    then he can invite them to a big party in Martha’s Vineyard. The GOP is under siege.

  3. This is terrible news! Just when we thought we’d cleared out the garbage bent on destroying the NCGOP, Woodhouse suddenly has a role again! Does the NCGOP never learn? He is despicable, corrupt and sleazy; and Miriam and Michael deserve to have a chance to right the sinking NCGOP ship he and grandpa torpedoed, without this creep lurking around, contaminating everything he touches!

  4. Should be recognized that while Dallas Woodhouse was Executive Director of the State party we lost
    This loss in the State Supreme Court has given the opposition the correction in the redistricting problem we now face.
    Dallas woodhouse should (in my opinion) be relegated to a position as an usher in some local movie theater!!!
    If our State party truly wants to bring him back in any position then the State party is also worthless!!!!
    Ron Margiotta

    1. All true, but we conveniently forget that behind Woodhouse are some truly self-serving, corrupt District Chairs who manipulate, corrupt, or just ignore inconvenient Party rules and, oh yes, obtained the services of this character and his criminal boss. They also foisted upon us a Lobbyist for State Chairman who received the votes of considerably less than 50% of the Delegates present. (just north of 500 votes versus more than 600 votes for Womack)

      As for Woodhouse, when some Central Committee members were sensibly considering getting rid of Woodhouse, one way-too-long serving District Chair actually trotted out the “but he’s got a family to provide for” argument.

      THAT, ladies and gents, is what we have running the NCGOP and is why we are, where we are. Good luck Mr. Trump and Mr. Forest with these clowns in charge.

    2. The NC Supreme Court only has 7 menbers, not nine. So we are down 6-1, not 8-1. If course that is just numbers. You are right about how it happened. Our leadership would not listen to conservatives like Michael Speciale and me when we tried to warn them

  5. It looks like Woodhouse has not found a real job since departing NGOP or he would not be available for this temporary stint.

    Woodhouse is to be remembered for his efforts at NCGOP to recruit and encourage liberal challengers to conservative legislators and for his recruitment of several homosexual activists as legislative candidates, which is a kick in the gut to the party’s Christian base.

    What is equally disturbing is a state party chairman bringing in anybody to NCGOP headquarters to help usurp the party’s own duty to recruit candidates. That is a party function, not a legislative caucus function, and more particularly, it is a local party function. This is a huge top-down power grab and insult to the grassroots. Whatley is the swamp. Candidates need to be recruited by local party organizations, not from Raleigh. Raleigh should only be a resource to help. Tiny Tim Moore has always wanted to muscle the grassroots aside, and Whatley is helping him do it. That is just not acceptable, and that is as big a story here as the Woodhouse angle.

    Defendant Hayes surrendered the party’s responsibility in candidate recruitment to the legislative caucuses, and it looks like Whatley is just the second coming of Robin Hayes.

  6. Big question: “What does Woodhouse know and when will he spill it”,
    if he doesn’t get paid? Robin get your checkbook out.

  7. Probably doesn’t matter whether Woodhouse stays or goes. The days of the GOP legislative majority are numbered anyhow. They have thrown it away. After 2020 and certainly after 2020, they will no longer be a factor. They have only themselves to blame, not the grassroots.

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