#ncsen: When candidates attack! (We got mail.)


Look who we heard from:


This article is a complete fabrication paid for by Garland Tucker who has spent millions of dollars and barely polls above 10%. He should drop out of the race. I do not support solar subsidies and my husband never did any work at Currituck. Complete and total lie! – Sandy Smith


What’s got her so upset?  Apparently, this article — which, of course, was supported out the wazoo with facts.  Mrs.  Smith is apparently upset that we’ve outed her on the fact that the family business is not just farming with exotic animals.  A significant part of it is a solar panel supply and installation business based in Greenville.


(For the record,  the only stuff on this site paid for by other candidates are the ads you see in the site’s sidebar.   The Haymaker is not above criticizing someone who  happens to advertise with us, by the way.)


Now, on to the rest of our rebuttal.  Exhibit A, her campaign web site’s ‘About Me’ page:



Not ONE mention of the family business in the solar industry.   Exhibit B,  her campaign’s filing statement submitted to the FEC:




The official address for her campaign is:  891 West Star Street in Greenville.  If you look at the web site for Green Power of NC,  you’ll see THAT business is also based at that same address:





Now, with Exhibit C, let’s see WHO owns GreenPower of NC:




The owner is William S. Smith at the same West Star Street address in Greenville where Sandy’s campaign office is reportedly located.   Want to take a guess at what Smith’s husband’s name is?


That’s right, WILLIAM.


SO far,  we’re not seeing any of these lies she speaks about.


Her statement about not supporting “solar subsidies” seems a little disingenuous.  The solar industry could not survive without all of the tax breaks and mandates available from Raleigh and DC.  Again,  WHY would she say she opposes such things when they clearly create a demand for her family business’s services?


Once again,  WHY is she  running to oust the man,  Thom Tillis, responsible for introducing and sustaining those solar mandates and subsidies in North Carolina that create a demand for Green Power in North Carolina’s services?


She ought to be thanking Thom (or writing him a check).