Is US Senate candidate Sandy Smith’s family biz tied to solar farm mess in Currituck?


Even Ray Charles, Ronnie Millsap, and Doc Watson could see that Greenville’s Sandy Smith is merely a stalking horse meant to split the anti-Tillis vote in the GOP primary and push THOM into the general election.  She likes to talk about guns and veterans,  but is really quiet about her and her husband’s business that installs and supplies solar panels.   


The solar business and her campaign office share the same address.


Dear sweet Sandy is likely this year’s Mark Harris — who got sweet-talked into running for Senate in 2014, but ended up doing little more than splitting the anti-THOM vote.  Right now,  Garland Tucker is the only realistic choice to kick THOM out of his Capitol Hill office.


You have to ask yourself —  WHY would someone who makes their money off of state-subsidized solar power want to defeat the guy responsible for introducing and preserving taxpayer-subsidized solar power?


The Smith family business’s website indicates they work all over The Carolinas.  Currituck County is not far from  Smith’s home base in Greenville.  Currituck commissioner Paul Beaumont enlightened us all on an environmental disaster at a solar farm in his county.  He is of the belief that NONE of the solar panels at any of the coastal solar farms are properly designed to withstand the  high winds that regularly hit the coast.


Did the Smith family business have anything to do with the supply or installation of any of the solar panels at that site?  We need to know.  It’s important.