ANOTHER Confederate monument taken down. (*Everybody feeling better?*)


Well,  a monument to the Confederate dead of Chatham County has been taken down.  It’s yet another front in  the leftists’ violence-plagued attack on our history and culture.


Chatham County has pretty much been taken over by spillover from Orange County (Chapel Hill + Carrboro).  Those people screwed up THAT county and have exported their nuttiness next door to Chatham.


Throughout history — from ISIS to The Taliban to the Bolsheviks to Mao’s crowd in China — groups that start off with tearing down statues and history eventually move on to more frightening, more totalitarian tactics.


What’s ironic here?  Most of the successful statue topplers are white liberals allegedly acting on behalf of the state’s black people.  Meanwhile, down in majority-minority Robeson County,  a memorial to the county’s Confederate dead still stands in front of the courthouse.  The race pimps down there can’t generate enough enthusiasm for taking it down or toppling it.



Wiping out history does no good.  History is for learning — so that you keep doing the good things that worked, and learn to not repeat those things that didn’t.


9 thoughts on “ANOTHER Confederate monument taken down. (*Everybody feeling better?*)

  1. What happened to our state statute that is supposed to prevent this sort of travesty? Did anyone try to enforce it.

    1. It appears there’s laws for us and laws for them – and we don’t count for much.
      I consider this as bad as grave desecration.

  2. I concur with you JP Jones.
    Being a remnant son of the American Revolution as well as the Confederacy I have a BIG problem with those that are small minded enough to actually participate in the destruction, defacing, or elimination of history. I have an equal problem with those that CAN stop it but don’t appear to have the courage to do so.

    1. The Republican Legislators (Legislative Branch) do not enforce the laws, they write them. The Democrat Governor (Executive Branch) is responsible for enforcing the law with the power of the Democrat Attorney General. They both chose to ignore the laws and not enforce them.
      We Republicans are doing what we can tp try to preserve our North Carolina history, but we don’t control the Executive Branch.

  3. Our last Republican governor seemed more interested in impressing Nikki Haley on this issue than North Carolinian natives.
    I wonder, does our current Republican gubernatorial candidate have a position on memorials and enforcing existing laws protecting our memorials?

  4. To Michael Speciale: Why won’t the UNC Board of Governors (all Republicans) put the Silent Sam monument back up? They have the authority to do so and have said they won’t. Cooper and Stein couldn’t do a thing about it if the BOG put it back up. The Republican legislature appointed every single member of the Board of Governors. You guys are talking out of both sides of your mouth.

  5. The long sought Republican legislative majorities didn’t take advantage of their opportunities for meaningful BOG appointments. We got screwed again.

  6. I think the Republican legislators intentionally made weak BOG appointments because they were happy to keep the university system in the hands of the liberals. I don’t think this was an accident. They knew what they were doing, but they will never admit it.

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