#ncga: Yoga Pants, adult beverages, and DAVID LEWIS.



Oh, the things politicians will attach their names to:



Depending on who is wearing them,  Yoga pants can be the most wonderful things.   Yet,  David Lewis is (1) very married, (2) representing a county that is a Southern Baptist powerhouse, (3)  one of the lead spokesmen for the House GOP, and  (4) prone to utter the words “God” or “Jesus” as every third word in his campaign ads.




Yet, here he is — while facing at least two lawsuits over his personal finances — giving a digital ‘thumbs-up’  to this radio host’s admiration of  a bartender’s yoga pants-clad posterior.


One would also have to wonder WHAT the wife and kids he drags out in front of the camera every campaign season think about daddy so publicly appreciating yoga pants on some other women he isn’t married to.