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#ncpol: Drive-by media dumbness.

  I know they’re all bleeding money and having to cut staff.  But sometimes — sometimes — you deserve better than  what they’re doling out.     Our local paper here in Moore County is a special case.  They are owned by the people who…

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Char-Meck schools go ‘gangsta’ on N. Meck taxpayers

Not so long ago, we were told how terrible it was to crack down on local governments.  (Something about bathrooms and cross-dressing.) Well, that apparently only applies if sane folks are hassling the liberal counter-culture. Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools has dropped a bomb on taxpayers in North…

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Left-wing racism rears its head in #ncpol debate

We’re told charter schools are bad because, if the wealthier mostly-white parents who really care about their kids’ education partake in a little school choice, all that will be left in the traditional bureaucratic rat-hole public schools will be mostly lower-income and minority students.  Average…

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#ncga: It’s gettin’ all STUPID up in here.

Keith Poston, a guy who used to run communications for the state prison system when the Democrats ran Raleigh, is now the head guy for something called The Public School Forum of North Carolina — which is little more than a mouthpiece for all of…

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(Wait for it. WAAAAAAAAIT FOR IT.) “Um, discrimi-racism !!!”

The meek, bashful soft-spoken Ann Coulter has a great piece out on how leftists LOVE to use blacks as “props” in their performance theater aimed at defending and expanding their agenda. *Voter ID is not about securing the integrity of our elections process.  It’s RAAAAAAAACISM….

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Evaluating something on MERIT = Political Extremism. (So sayeth Scowlin’ Rob & Blinkin’ Chris.)

WRAL commisar Jim Goodmon has sicced his heavily-subsidized handmaidens Blinkin’ Chris and Scowlin’ Rob on our state’s lieutenant governor.  And let me tell ya — Goodmon’s gals produced a doozy.  They’ve produced sentences linking concepts like Dan Forest and The Soviet Union. That’s as bizarre as…

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Screw quality and performance. Give us “Diversity.”

Lefties like to paint those of us on the right,who resist the dark side, as bigots. But they should take a good hard look at themselves.  Ever notice how they stereotype all blacks, Hispanics and women as thinking and behaving alike?   (Notwithstanding various and…

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Lawsuit against Moore County schools administrator moves forward

Edward Pruden was hired in August on an interim basis to fill the vacancy at the Moore County central office left by Kathy Kennedy. According to Wilmington’s Port City Daily, Pruden has some unfinished business from his old job in Brunswick County that will likely involve…

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Robeson County case illustrates perils govt bureaucrats pose to charter schools

Robeson County — in southeastern North Carolina — is a prime example of where some serious education reform is needed.  The county leads the state in nearly ALL of the bad categories.  The county’s public school system is an utter disaster. Flora McDonald Academy, a…

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Lefties LOSE IT over Senator Tillman’s charter school proposal

  It’s absolutely refreshing to hear an elected official championing the supremacy of the free market over the iron-fist of the bureaucracy.  Legislation introduced by state Senator Jerry Tillman (R-Randolph) seeks to enhance innovation within public education and diminish the influence of the education establishment….