#ncga: It’s gettin’ all STUPID up in here.

Keith Poston, a guy who used to run communications for the state prison system when the Democrats ran Raleigh, is now the head guy for something called The Public School Forum of North Carolinawhich is little more than a mouthpiece for all of the leeches who devote their lives to sucking as much taxpayer revenue as possible out of state coffers in the name of the lil’ chil’ren.

State prisons to public education.  Really not much of a stretch there.  Anyway, Keith is breaking new ground in liberal debate tactics by mixing the DISCRIMI-RACISM bogeyman with trannies and bathrooms:

Our nation abandoned “separate but equal” long ago – we don’t need to bring it back in North Carolina.

House Bill 514 would allow four towns in Mecklenburg County to run their own municipal charter schools and give preferential access to their residents. This bill, along with its companion municipal funding measure in the state budget, are terrible ideas for North Carolina. Taken together, they set the stage for a slippery slope toward further resegregation of NC public schools.[…]

How so?  Are you telling us there are NO BLACKS living within the city limits of these four towns?  Do these four towns prohibit blacks from moving within their city limits?  It’s my understanding that all you have to do is have standing as a town resident in order for your kids to go there.


[…] Two major education challenges we are confronting in North Carolina are inequities in school funding across the state and the growing resegregation of our schools. They both contribute to lower overall academic results and drive the achievement gap between white students and students of color, as well as between poorer students and their more affluent peers. HB 514 will only exacerbate these profound challenges.[…]

Hmmm.  It sounds like he’s arguing that these failing county schools NEED the wealthier students to stay enrolled in order to pad the test scores and hide the short-comings of the lower-income students. That keeps the money rolling in, but does NOTHING to help the academically-struggling lower income kids Poston and his ilk profess to covet and cherish.


[…] At a time when we are courting major new investments from Apple, Amazon and the U.S. Army, the last thing we need are national headlines about a new NC law driving resegregation. HB 514 threatens to become our state’s education version of HB 2.

Really?  HB2 required you use the ladies room if you have female anatomy and the men’s room if you have male anatomy.  (Oh, that silly law of nature stuff.)  The gay mafia and their allies in the driveby media succeeded in turning that whole thing on its head with lies and scare tactics.

Does the gay mafia really have any skin in the game on whether a handful of schools are run locally or by the county central office?  I wouldn’t think so.