Left-wing racism rears its head in #ncpol debate

We’re told charter schools are bad because, if the wealthier mostly-white parents who really care about their kids’ education partake in a little school choice, all that will be left in the traditional bureaucratic rat-hole public schools will be mostly lower-income and minority students.  Average test scores will plummet.  Government grants will dry up. 

Now, here come the voter ID opponents telling us that it is racist to even suggest that everyone needs to be able to absolutely prove who they are — even when partaking in one of our most sacred cherished rights as Americans.

If you believe the stupid driveby media, you’d think those arguments are being made by conservatives.  But, no.  It’s the all-compassion, all-the-time crowd on the left side of the spectrum.

That’s right.  Those caring, compassionate leftists are actually arguing that (1) blacks are not smart enough to go get a picture ID,  and (2) black kids cannot compete with white kids in the classroom.  (The basketball court and football field are, of course, a whole different matter.)

And WE are the racists. 

Showing ID while voting is an important step to protecting the integrity of our election process.  (Restoring integrity to the dolts we elect is another matter entirely.)

If black students really are struggling in the classroom, let’s look for a reason why.  (It’s not a global racist conspiracy.  If one of those was in place, all of those white people would not be in the stadium in Charlotte each fall cheering the black Panthers quarterback and the team’s mostly black lineup.  We would not have had EIGHT LONG YEARS of Barack Hussein Obama.)

Meanwhile, other children of color — of Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Indian, and Pakistani descent, among others — are absolutely blowing away all comers in the classroom.  They’re getting the cherished freshman class slots at Duke and Harvard and Yale.  And they’re getting the killer jobs after graduation.  (I guess the global racist conspiracy forgot about them.) 

Show of hands.  How many of you out there believe that a cop who stops you would accept your claim that you don’t have a photo ID?    If he won’t, why should the folks administering our election process?

I’m a small government guy, of course.  But I DO think it is important that we have some uniform method to absolutely determine and confirm people’s identities.

Leftists have been micro-managing the lives of black Americans for more than  50 years.  Blacks were told things would get better.  Yet, over the last 50 years, we’ve got more blacks in jail, more fatherless black families, and more blacks living in poverty.  I believe it was Chris Rock who joked that:

“[…] I don’t care where you are in America, if you on Martin Luther King Boulevard, there’s some violence going down. It ain’t the safest place to be.[…]”

And who gets blamed for this?  The conservatives who opposed those big-spending intrusive socialist programs. 

One might start to think that the actual motive of the leftists was to keep blacks angry, under control, and ready to turn out and vote Democrat at the drop of a hat.

After 50 years of failure, you might think it’s time to drop the whole “spend-a-lot-of-money-then-scream-racism-if-someone-objects” scam and try SOMETHING new.