#ncpol NCGOP HQ Twitter tactics raising eyebrows, drawing protest

Larry Holmquist knows all about it.  The Greensboro Republican running in the US Senate primary against Richard Burr has gone round-and-round with NCGOP HQ and Dallas Woodhouse over what could arguably called favoritism toward Burr.

Now, we have an issue with the state party’s Twitter account and its lack of mentions of ANY primary challengers to incumbent Republicans.  A quick review of the timeline finds a lot of retweets of, and praise for, Richard Burr and Pat McCrory.  But we’ve got nothing there about Robert Brawley, the former legislator challenging McCrory’s renomination, or ANY of the three Republicans seeking to deny Richard Burr renomination.

Greg Brannon, a 2014 US Senate candidate who is running again this year, gregbrannon has noticed this phenomenon and registered a protest with party leaders.  It is my understanding that party executive director Dallas Woodhouse got Brannon’s communication and simply “forwarded it” to “the party’s legal counsel.”

Will it ever make it out of the lawyer’s office?  Is forwarding something to the party’s legal counsel code for feeding it to the shredder or trash can in Dallas’s office? 

Look, we know Dallas and Ricky Diaz are HUUUUUUUUUUGE Pat McCrory fan boys.  And that’s fine.  But in their current roles, they should be promoting the interests of THE PARTY — which is bigger than Gov. Pat.  

9 thoughts on “#ncpol NCGOP HQ Twitter tactics raising eyebrows, drawing protest

  1. could enough republicans in the state start a alternative state party ??? it just a question for hopefully someone smarter than I am

  2. The Wolfpack Club has got to go with who gives the most money. Same way the Preacher plays to the rich donors.

    Can’t have the tail wagging the dog.

    You reckon the Dems are pushing Ol’ Roy and Hils?

    “Son, you’re gonna have to make it on your own in this world. Don’t expect any help.”

    1. Junior, as usual, you are a moron. The state GOP Plan of Organization says the party is neutral. Dallas Woodhouse is picking favorites and he is way out of line. He needs to be removed immediately.

      1. The what?

        GOP Plan of Organization?

        The point is to win the election. When in history have we never picked favorites. I surely cannot remember a time. It makes sense to cuddle up to the guy who is going to win. Friends in high places and all that.

  3. I am all in for Brannon. Burr is a has been establishment hack still propped up by Moore County as their keynote for their annual Reagan dinner. What gives with that? I thought those people in Moore County had had enough of the likes of Ellmers, Burr and Thillis having learned the hard way. I guess policy votes don’t really matter to the GOPe, it’s all about that R behind their name.

  4. If nothing else, I hope my “dust-up” with Dallas Woodhouse will help to produce some positive personnel changes at NCGOP. Lord knows, our party needs it!

    Shortly after the brouhaha last month, someone very familiar with all the key players (and all the dysfunction) at NCGOP told me “we need to restore integrity to our party.” I couldn’t agree more.

    I sincerely hope the participants at Saturday’s meeting in High Point have the opportunity and courage to clean up the mess at our party’s HQ in Raleigh.

    Larry Holmquist

  5. Honestly, Dallas Woodhouse is a disgusting failure. That being said, as he, Lewis and their sheep continue to ignore the party base, the people will get the message loud and clear who NOT to vote for. Them trying to ignore good solid candidates is the ultimate endorsement. Right up there with a Rove kiss of death for a campaign.

    That’s why we the people will elect Dr. Greg Brannon to replace the Beltway Barnacle Burr.

  6. This improper behavior by Woodhouse is just encouraging party leaders at lower levels like in the counties to do the same things in favor of Tricky Dick Burr’s conservative challengers.

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