#ncpol NCGOPe: Delay of Game

2012-September-5-23-0-15The riffraff with the pitchforks and flaming torches are at the front door.  What, oh what, is a good elitist to do? 

The answer — at least for Saturday’s NCGOP powwow in High Point — is delay, delay, delay and run out the clock.

Sources tell me the game plan is to, first, hold a committee meeting dominated by a select group of establishment types / Jones Street & Blount Street cronies, et. al.  That group will come up with at least one major issue that will require tabling, adjournment, and a return at a later date to deal with it.  Hopefully, AFTER the March primary.2nd-Joyce-Cotten

GOPe types — led by 2nd district GOP chairman Joyce Cotten — are beating the bushes and burning up the phone lines to turn out warm bodies sympathetic to their agenda:  (1) beating back a vote on firing David Lewis from the RNC, and (2) again delaying debate and a vote on the state party budget.

Lewis.  Sources tell us that Rep. Lewis and his inner circle are quite nervous about the prospect of a vote on Saturday.  Calling the natives restless is an dlunderstatement.  Most observers don’t see how Lewis could survive a vote on continuing his service on the RNC.  I understand Lewis himself is privately admitting his discomfort with the possibility of a vote on him.

The budget.  Why is this a big deal?  Two reasons: (1) debating and voting on a budget would reveal that Dallas Woodhouse has failed miserably as a fundraiser, and (2) open a Pandora’s box of awkward questions about how money has been used at NCGOP HQ.

Woodhouse made big promises about what he could deliver in terms of $$$$ at the meeting where he was hired.  He hasn’t come close to meeting that figure.  This situation is reminiscent of Dallas bragging to the media about Carolina Rising’s “large, diverse donor body” which we found out later to be KARL ROVE. feuding-brothers-800

If the GOPe succeeds on both of these matters, I believe things are really going to get LOUD and ROWDY.  Going to the mat to save Woodhouse and Lewis, while continuing to muddy the budget situation, is not a great strategy for rallying the base to rescue the party in November.

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  1. Doesn’t surprise me that Joyce Cotten is trying to pull strings in favor of non-Conservative “Republicans” and that power-hungry failure Woodhouse. McCrory is toast, and Woodhouse isn’t the guy that can ensure Republicans retain our majority in Raleigh.

  2. two corrections on your two points:

    a budget report would show these two things you mention and this report is a totally different discussion than passing the fiscal budget so everyone should call for the budget report before any discussion of the fiscal budget

    two more points :
    1.The fiscal Budget should not be voted on at this meeting because the members of the committee still have never gotten a copy of the proposed budget to look at and study before passage and this is considering another meeting had been called and occurred to pass this budget

    2. When a notification is give for a meeting of the committee a purposed agenda should be given along with the notification and the lack of this should not be overlooked. WHY should people show up to a meeting that they have NO clue why they need to show up or the purpose of said meeting

    It is too late to rally the troops if the majority of the troops have no clue what the fight is or what is at stake

  3. The primary fundraiser is the Chairman, not the Executive Director. I recall Chairman Harnett campaigning on his fundraising abilities.

    1. well from my understanding the regular big donors were told or ganged up on to stop donations to the state party when the chosen king was not elected by the delegates at the state convention so if this is what really happened then it is really hard judge him on any fundraising problems.

      then when a new appointed prince was hired by the central committee this was to get the money flowing again

      hopefully others can chime in and correct me if I am wrong or explain it better but this is my current understanding or what is happening

    2. The primary fundraisers are the Finance Chairman and the Finance Director. As far as I have heard, both posts are still vacant. The state chairman appoints the former, with consent of the Central Committee, and the ED hires the latter.

      The state chairman and the ED both have their roles in fundraising. For big donors, a call from the chairman helps make them feel important enough to write a big check. The Finance chairman, is typically also focused on the big donors. For the smaller and medium donors, the ED organizes the mechanisms through the Finance Director to raise the funds.

      One big problem in raising money is who wants to send money to an operation run by Woodhouse? I sure don’t.

  4. It gets worse. One of the GOP’s favorite tactics when they do not want to deal with something at a meeting is to stage it far down whatever agenda they do have (which probably wasn’t approved) and then decide very late in the day that they no longer have a quorum and can’t deal with it any way. The GOP has refused to release the numbers on which they base the outcome of these quorum calls. Also, does anyone believe that it’s a coincidence that Rubio is scheduled to visit at a time when they need a short meeting and a light turn out?

  5. Keep it up NCGOP – the people are paying attention and will continue to leave the party that has left us.

    The NCGOP should just simplify their POO and officially become the party that supports corrupt politicians, no integrity, no principles, no followers & no money.

    Eventually even the strongest Cartels, fall.

  6. All the parties involved in this lynch mob are nothing more then trouble makes. Joyce Cotton is always at the forefront of creating fires. Joyce the time has come for you to go into the good night not to be heard from again. Trust me you won’t be missed!

  7. Good grief! Do you mean that I have gone to all the trouble to make arrangements for someone to stay with my disabled husband so I can AGAIN go to a meeting where nothing of substance will get done?! Never mind the money wasted on gas and food….

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