#ncgop: D-Day for Dallas & Dave? (And where the $#@$ is Hasan?)

Republican Candidate For Senate Thom Tillis Attends His Election Night GatheringThe word IS that the really, really, really, really long knives are sharpened and out for one Mr. David Lewis and one Mr. Dallas Woodhouse.  The action is supposed to go down, we hear, at the state GOP meetings in High Point Saturday.

David Lewis (R-Harnett), in addition to being one of the more powerful officers in the state House, is also one of North Carolina’s TWO reps on the Republican National Committee.  There is a sizable faction that would like to see Mr. Lewis removed from that position with the RNC.  (We also hear that there is significant interest in Harnett County in removing him from his House seat.)  Among the concerns about Lewis are allegations of unethical conduct and his support for legislation that seriously weakens the state Republican Party operation.  Whether Lewis is to continue in his RNC role will be the big question that SHOULD be answered this Saturday in High Point.

Dallas Woodhouse — the reality TV star, fashion plate, and, um, party executive director — will likely also be on the hot seat this Saturday.  There was THAT TdlV interview.  A group is pursuing an IRS probe of Dallas’s former employer, Carolina Rising.   Reports surfaced, also, about Woodhouse running push polls against state Senate leaders during his time at Carolina Rising.  Woodhouse has also fallen flat on his face with an inaccurate attack on a TV news reporter.  There are also plenty of fundraising concerns out there, as well, we are told.

A big question out there also is:  Where is Hasan Harnett?  (Some people have joked, I think, that Dallas has him bound and gagged in a broom closet somewhere.)  Harnett came into office as a crusading reformer.  But he has been pretty doggone silent about a lot of things lately that NEEDED attention. The debate over the future of Woodhouse and Lewis will speak volumes about what Hasan Harnett is made of — and what we can expect from the rest of his tenure.

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  1. If both of them would just resign then the executive committee would be able to get a lot more work accomplished on Saturday like properly vetting this years budget something executive members have not seen even though this is the second meeting held to pass it

    they have had plenty of time to distribute the budget to the members of the committee so people can look it over properly ahead of time kind of like congress having to pass things before then get a chance to read things

  2. If Hasan wants a future in the political arena, he had better get his act together, and do so quickly. The NCGOP is in desperate need of a leader. Step up or get out of the way.

    Lewis & Dallas are both exactly why Republicans are leaving the party in droves. The accusations against each are enough to give great pause as to their integrity and character and ultimatly the integrity of the NCGOP.

    This is a golden opportunity for the NCGOP to step up to the plate and show that they are listening to and care about the values and principles the party was founded on. To show that they care about the people who make up the party and not to the Cartel that seems to be running things in Raleigh.

    1. Well hassan posted alot of messages on his facebook page today or at least someone did on his behalf. That’s a start right?

  3. “Harnett came into office as a crusading reformer. ”

    In fairness to HH, I don’t recall him EVER portraying himself as such….I do remember him saying he wanted to “re-energize” the Party and that’s about it. The truth is, I suspect, that all of us voted for him, simply to vote against the Establishment pick.

    If McCrory, Burr, and Tillis hadn’t been so ham-handed, Collins might have easily won.

    Having said all that, yes, a lot of County Chairs have had enough. My guess is that if they’re stymied again on Saturday, McCrory and Burr can count on getting NO support in the general election, at least in some counties.

  4. I am not sure what their goal with Dallas is.. do they want to pass a resolution? The ability to hire and fire the State Executive Director rests with the Central Committee.

    it would take a 2/3 vote to remove Lewis, I don’t see that happening.

    1. If the Central Committee gets its authorization to handle party affairs with power that has been loaned to it by the Executive Committee

      I take that the Executive Committee is the most powerful body of the state Republican party when the convention is not in session.

      This was clearer years ago before the power struggle started between the two bodies and the past chairman that worked to take power away from the people in the party

      The state executive committee is the one committee that has to pass the annual fiscal budget and if this body is not happy with the fiscal choices of the central committee in the hiring choices then the executive committee has the duty to use the budget as a tool to stop any corruption in the party at the central committee level

      so others might call me wrong but I believe the Executive Committee if the committee works together has the power deal with these issues if they committee stands and fight together to deal with these problems

  5. I am all about change in the GOP but Hassan has been a lame duck since his arrival at the NCGOPe. He has failed to denounce any of the anti conservative legislation his cohorts have crammed down our throats,He is so typical of someone who rides the anti establishment wave for election (Ellmers) and falls right in line with Big government liberalism, Has Hassan or Dallas released a statement on Tillis and Company’s latest omnibus vote? No!
    One of the biggest accomplishments Tillis is conveying to his drive by constituents is that the Omnibus is dismantling Obama Care. When in fact it did delay the Cadillac Tax for health insurance plans. But, guess who has these Cadillac Health plans and will benefit from this? UNIONS!
    I think it would have been a much better strategy to have everyone feel the pain of Obama Care and not carve out delays for Unions who always vote democrat, Is Dallas Woodhouse still supporting the biggest Obama enabler of them all, Thom Tillis?

    1. Don’t forget that they got that oil export provision for their special interest friends at big oil, one that will raise gas prices for those of us in the GOP base.

      1. Yeah, that’s utterly wrong. Lifting the ban will decrease prices, not increase. Might want to do your research.

        1. Isn’t that a bit Orwellian? A decrease in supply when some of the former supply gets exported, with demand being the same, means prices go DOWN?

          Or maybe that is just Common Core economics! Or perhaps a smoke screen from those wanting to do the exporting?

        2. No sir, not Orwellian at all. Allow me to enlighten you:

          Now that private U.S.-based oil companies can sell their supply out of the country, it creates additional competition against the oil barons out of the Middle East, thus potentially lowering prices. It also creates dependence on U.S. oil, limits our allies’ dependence on Russian oil, and reduces the Russian stranglehold of the natural gas market in Europe. The fracking boom has reduced our dependence on foreign oil and ending this 40-year old ban further reduces that and creates competition in the marketplace, not to mention it ends government suppression of private companies. Every conservative study out there suggests this will have no effect or decrease prices in the long term, not raise them.

          1. Yes, it is Orwellian to call special interest studies ”conservative”.

            While some of the things you mention could be argued as benefits from this policy in areas like foreign policy, they do NOT mean lower gas prices for the American consumer. Indeed quite the opposite.

            When you suddenly have less of something because you are doing something different with part of it, yet the demand for that item remains the same, then the laws of supply and demand say that the price is going to go up, not down.

            You seem to be using Common Core math or something.

  6. When I woke up to my email box this AM, I see NC2 is holding their annual Reagan dinner and lo and behold, who is their keynote???? Tricky Dick Burr. It seems the establishment will do anything to prop him and the rest of the DC and Washington cartel up. Is this Joyce Cotten leading the charge in NC2? Is she also propping up Ellmers, Lewis and the rest of the cabal??? Inquiring minds.

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