#ncgop: D-Day for Dallas & Dave? (And where the $#@$ is Hasan?)

Republican Candidate For Senate Thom Tillis Attends His Election Night GatheringThe word IS that the really, really, really, really long knives are sharpened and out for one Mr. David Lewis and one Mr. Dallas Woodhouse.  The action is supposed to go down, we hear, at the state GOP meetings in High Point Saturday.

David Lewis (R-Harnett), in addition to being one of the more powerful officers in the state House, is also one of North Carolina’s TWO reps on the Republican National Committee.  There is a sizable faction that would like to see Mr. Lewis removed from that position with the RNC.  (We also hear that there is significant interest in Harnett County in removing him from his House seat.)  Among the concerns about Lewis are allegations of unethical conduct and his support for legislation that seriously weakens the state Republican Party operation.  Whether Lewis is to continue in his RNC role will be the big question that SHOULD be answered this Saturday in High Point.

Dallas Woodhouse — the reality TV star, fashion plate, and, um, party executive director — will likely also be on the hot seat this Saturday.  There was THAT TdlV interview.  A group is pursuing an IRS probe of Dallas’s former employer, Carolina Rising.   Reports surfaced, also, about Woodhouse running push polls against state Senate leaders during his time at Carolina Rising.  Woodhouse has also fallen flat on his face with an inaccurate attack on a TV news reporter.  There are also plenty of fundraising concerns out there, as well, we are told.

A big question out there also is:  Where is Hasan Harnett?  (Some people have joked, I think, that Dallas has him bound and gagged in a broom closet somewhere.)  Harnett came into office as a crusading reformer.  But he has been pretty doggone silent about a lot of things lately that NEEDED attention. The debate over the future of Woodhouse and Lewis will speak volumes about what Hasan Harnett is made of — and what we can expect from the rest of his tenure.