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NC-03: One big B.S. toss

  (And NO, I’m not talking about a bachelor’s of science.)   We’re down to Two in the battle to pick a nominee for the Third Congressional District.  The primary was a tough thing for me and the rest of us here at the site….

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NC-03: Meadows endorses Greg Murphy, calls him “clearly the conservative pick”

  This move has been a long time in the making.  But it finally got here:   Republican state Rep. Greg Murphy, who topped a 17-way primary Tuesday night for U.S. House in Eastern North Carolina, picked up a key endorsement Wednesday morning ahead of…

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NC-03: Early-voting screw up in Carteret (Ready-made voter-suppression issue?)

  Election Day for the Third Congressional District is Tuesday. But a mishap in Carteret County could play a key role in an election  challenge — should the results on Tuesday be close. Voters who showed up for early voting  in Carteret County today were…

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NC-03: The buck DOESN’T stop here. (Over THERE, maybe. But NOT HERE.)

  I found this little gem posted on Instagram by congressional candidate Allen Thomas (D):       Now let that sink in before you move on to read about his reaction to the unflattering audit of The Global TransPark, the job he quit just…

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NC-03: Allen Thomas — deadbeat slumlord ?

  I know .  I know.  It is starting to look like Kick Allen Day here at The Haymaker.  (But when you have a target that provides SO many opportunities …)   Let’s jump in the Wayback Machine to 2014 when Thomas was mayor of…

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NC-03: Allen gets audited. (And it wasn’t pretty.)

  Audits are never fun.  It’s not fun when the IRS shows up to do it.  When you’re involved with the state government, it’s no fun when Beth Wood and her team come calling.  Allen Thomas (D) quit his job as mayor of Greenville to…

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NC-03: Early Voting Update (through 4-20)

    Here’s what we have, thanks to Civitas:   11,725 total votes Republicans outpacing Democrats by about a 1000 About 500 more women than men (total) Majority of voters 55 and older Top Five Performing Precincts:  TWO in Pitt, ONE in Lenoir,  TWO in…

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NC-03 Money Talk (Part III) : Cox, Perry, Shepard, Speciale

    We’ve already given  you the rundown  on  Nix, Law, DeLuca, Clark and Rouse  in Part I.    Then came Part II with the 411 on Moore, Boyd, Cairns and Murphy.     And NOW we’re pleased to present  Part III (Click candidate names to see…

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NC-09: Bishop gets Club For Growth nod

  So, I guess that other IE was for “opposing”  Stony Rushing.   The Club For Growth threw us for a loop with their endorsement in the Third Congressional District.   In the Ninth, they appear to be betting it all with the man who…

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NC-03: About that Grass Roots NC endorsement / recommendation ….

  Let me start off by saying I am a passionate defender of The Second Amendment.  (That ought to be beyond dispute to anyone who has read this site for an extended period.)   I tend to find myself in agreement with the folks at…