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NC-09: The drive-by media “discovers” B-roll video footage

  I swear these people remind me of the monkeys in this scene from 2001: A Space Odyssey.      The drive-by media has come across a YouTube page featuring stock footage — known in the industry as ‘B-Roll’ — of Dan Bishop and his…

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NC-03: Push-polling 101

  Voters in the Third Congressional District are getting some rather wild phone calls ahead of July’s runoff primary for Congress. They’re called push polls.  So,  the Greg Murphy campaign is doing a little public service to help voters know when they are being victimized…

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NC-09: Dan Bishop romping through the Ninth District GOP field

  With 160 of 210 precincts reporting,  state senator Dan Bishop led the GOP field with 48 percent of the vote.  Union County commissioner Stony Rushing followed behind him with 21% of the vote, and former Mecklenburg County commissioner Matthew Ridenhour was in third place…

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NC-09: SPLAT! (What just hit the fan?)

  The Ninth Congressional District race is being redone today as the result of a state investigation.  Now, it looks like state elections authorities might have screwed up the second round:   The North Carolina State Board of Elections is investigating after absentee ballot envelopes…

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NC-09: Here we go again? (Ballot harvesting x 10 ???)

  Some DC Democrats,  the Dan McCready campaign, and their enablers in the drive-by media spent months lecturing us on the horrors of ballot-harvesting.  They even hammered home their point by savaging Rev. Mark Harris and a guy out of Bladen County named McCrae Dowless….

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NCGOPe battles to save state elections board’s Lil’ Kim from mean ol’ Roy

  THIS right here, is akin to an  endorsement from  Thom Tillis right now:     Great competence?  She and her staff have ignored a whole lot of misbehavior on both sides of the aisle on Jones Street.  That’s ONE big reason why THIS GUY…

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NC-09: Bishop on fast track to facing McCready in general?

  THAT is apparently what National Journal’s Hotline is reporting.  So take it for what it’s worth: […] NC-09: “Three private polls conducted by both parties in late April suggest that” state Sen. Dan Bishop (R) is on track to secure the nomination in Tuesday’s…

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NC-03: ‘Women For Trump’ stump for Greg Murphy

  Some ladies who really really really love our president are touring the Third Congressional District in support of US House candidate Greg Murphy (R).  Murphy is facing off against fellow Republican Joan Perry for the GOP nomination to replace the late Walter Jones in…

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NC-09: Club For Growth takes aim at Leigh Brown, too.

  Stony Rushing is getting some company in the sights of The Club for Growth.  The DC-based conservative group, which has endorsed Dan Bishop in this race, is now turning its fire on Concord realtor Leigh Brown:   Club for Growth Action has released a…

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NC-09: Oh, look. A poll.

  The  drive by media is making a YUGE deal out of a poll of The Ninth District GOP primary by Public Policy Polling (PPP) that got regurgitated nationally by Hotline.  Naturally,  I am dubious of anything PPP puts out.     First,  it is…