NC-09: The drive-by media “discovers” B-roll video footage


I swear these people remind me of the monkeys in this scene from 2001: A Space Odyssey. 



The drive-by media has come across a YouTube page featuring stock footage — known in the industry as ‘B-Roll’ — of Dan Bishop and his family.  And the drive-bys are OUTRAGED.



Here comes outrage from someone who ought to  know better.




(Never mind that WRAL’s Fain has his daughter staring at us in his Twitter icon.)  TV stations use B-roll stock footage ALL THE TIME.  ALL THE TIME.  Every time you watch the news and see a drive-by reading a report over video of someone walking down a sidewalk or hallway,  THAT is b-roll.


Campaigns do it all the time, too.  Of course, it benefits PACs who may want to run ads about the candidate.  But drive-bys can also use it in their reports on the candidate.  So can opponents.



B-roll, in the case of political campaigns, gives the respective campaigns a chance to put video out there they feel makes their candidate look his or her best.  And YouTube pages like Bishop’s help the campaigns stay in compliance with laws about collusion between campaigns and PACs.


Acting like this is something novel and bizarre is shameless beyond belief.  Especially for an allegedly experienced drive-by who has allegedly covered campaigns before.


Looks like the orgasmic frenzy over Dan McCready is already picking back up.  The drive-bys took a long time to even mention McCready’s money from the anti–Semitic Ilhan Omar.   And they only mentioned it after he returned it.  There’s still no word from them on the fact McCready is keeping the money from J Street,  an anti-Israel, pro-radical Islam group in DC.  


They’re also letting McCready’s claim that he enlisted in The Marines as a response to 9-11 slide.  He waited FIVE YEARS after 9-11 to enlist.  And the only reason he did it was to pay back an ROTC scholarship.  (He served the bare minimum to satisfy the debt.)



And they’re also getting away with him labelling himself a “capitalist.”  The renewable energy scam is the closest thing we have to bona fide socialism we have going in this country.  It is totally dependent on politicians pumping out more and more subsidies and tax breaks to their donors and cronies.


The drive-bys know they can’t get a Democrat elected in the Third District.  But they have a shot in The Ninth.  And they’re going to go full throttle on the lying and exaggerating and McCready-suckling to make their wildest fantasy come true.