Fact-checking McClatchy


The conglomerate that owns most of the major drive-by newspapers in this state has a small band of smarmy teeny-boppers who so enjoy what they call “fact-checking” — catching perceived errors by other people and rubbing their faces in it.  Well, it is so delicious to get the opportunity to turn the tables on them.   Take this story that ran in the N&O, for instance:




Yeah.  That’s right.  The story is about Greg Murphy.  And the author IS Greg Murphy.


(Being the good journalist I am, I checked with the Greg Murphy campaign.  They confirmed that their man DID NOT write this story.)


Now, we know McClatchy has been laying off newsroom staff left and right.  Are they now so understaffed that they print stories WRITTEN BY the subjects of said stories?


My bet is that they meant to show “Brian Murphy” as the author.  THAT Mr. Murphy is McClatchy’s DC correspondent.


It’s now 12:28 PM on May 25th.   This error has been left to stand as-is for more than 24 hours.  Let’s go ahead and start the countdown for when it gets changed.  (Synchronize smart watches ….)