NC-09: Club For Growth takes aim at Leigh Brown, too.


Stony Rushing is getting some company in the sights of The Club for Growth.  The DC-based conservative group, which has endorsed Dan Bishop in this race, is now turning its fire on Concord realtor Leigh Brown:


Club for Growth Action has released a television advertisement, “Who,” and a website,, focused on Leigh Brown’s liberal record ahead of the May 14 Republican primary in North Carolina’s 9thCongressional District. Brown has been outspoken against President Trump and the Trump Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, she has worked for and donated to Democrats, doesn’t live in the district she is running in, and she does not consider herself a conservative, once calling herself a “DemoPublicanRepubliCrat.”


“Leigh Brown does not support free-market, pro-growth policies, she has been outspoken against President Trump, and she is not the right choice to represent the 9th Congressional District of North Carolina,” said Club for Growth PAC President David McIntosh. “Sen. Dan Bishop is a real conservative who has the best chance of beating Democrat Dan McCready in the general election, and if Leigh Brown wants what is best for her district, she should end her campaign and support Bishop.”


The Club for Growth PAC endorsed State Senator Dan Bishop in April, and McIntosh said, “Sen. Bishop has been a leading fiscal conservative in Raleigh and he’ll continue that leadership on behalf of taxpayers and job creators in Washington.”


National realtor PACs have already committed more than $1 million toward the establishment-leaning Brown’s campaign. Yet, Rushing and Bishop appear to maintain their positions at the head of the candidate pack.


Early voting is underway.  Election Day is May 14.


4 thoughts on “NC-09: Club For Growth takes aim at Leigh Brown, too.

  1. The Club for Growth is hitting someone for “being outspoken against president Trump?” The Club for Growth ran millions of dollars of ads against Trump in 2016,

    1. Not really. They are “hitting” Leigh Brown” because she is a liar. She is representing herself as a conservative Republican. She actually is at best a RINO that most often supports Democrats. There are all kinds of tricks played in Politics, & this one is slicker the good people of the ninth District into voting in a Liberal Progressive Democrat leaning, Nancy Pelosi loving Representative & make them think they are getting just the opposite. This play was used sometimes successfully in the 2016 election by the dispicible dems…

  2. If Dirty Dan can eck out a victory in the primary, using nasty, untruthful mailers
    against Brown and Rushing, I predict that both camps will sit out the general election
    and “No Comment Dan” and the Charlotte Observer will steal another election. Going
    negative in a Republican primary is not smart but if that is all you have going for you
    you take your chances. The club for growth and the NC Senate do not want Harris,
    Brown or Rushing. I wonder why?

  3. Put it this way, if you want to see why the Realtor Groups ponied up a million dollars to try and buy the Dist 9 seat, elect this construct who says the right things now. What you will find is someone who represents the realtors and not our district. A million is cheaper than lobbying today.

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