NC-03: One big B.S. toss


(And NO, I’m not talking about a bachelor’s of science.)


We’re down to Two in the battle to pick a nominee for the Third Congressional District.  The primary was a tough thing for me and the rest of us here at the site.  We had friends in many different camps in the GOP field.  In a sense, it was a lot like watching a family feud.

One of the most appalling things about the recently-concluded primary is the level of nastiness exhibited.  I, personally, was accused of being in the tank for FIVE different candidates.  My integrity and my Christianity were questioned.  (I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who went through that.)


There was so much personal stuff.  And very little talk about issues and where folks wanted to take the district and the country.


Medicaid.  Personally, the bald-faced lying really got to me.  I know people got some giggles out of the nickname ‘Medicaid Murphy.’  But where was the evidence that Greg Murphy ever wanted to expand Medicaid?  (I know I’ve criticized Murphy for a few of his votes in the North Carolina House. )


People in opposing campaigns were claiming his ‘Carolina Cares’ bill — which he cosponsored — expanded Medicaid.  The funny thing is — if you bother to read the original bill he put his name on — there’s not one peep about expanding Medicaid.  Not one.


Some spokespeople for Civitas and The John Locke Foundation were dishonestly going public with claims that the bill called for the expansion of Medicaid.  But the actual text of the bill doesn’t say that.


But why let facts get in the way of a good campaign lie?  I had one regular commenter on this site repeating the Medicaid expansion charge against Murphy (using six different aliases) multiple times a day.  I asked him to provide some evidence for his charge.  He wouldn’t.  So, he’s no longer welcome around these parts.



We’re about spreading the gospel of conservatism.  Not baffling people with bullshit.  (Go somewhere else to spread lies.)


It’s easy to say ‘ObamaCare sucks.’  But the GOP in DC is showing no interest in repealing it or even fixing it.  Meanwhile, you’ve  got a lot of folks outside the beltway who are getting screwed royally by it.  I personally know one couple.  They’re married with two school aged kids.  Both of them work.  They make too much for Medicaid.  Their insurance premiums under ObamaCare are astronomical and unaffordable.  So, they’re going through life with minimal coverage — holding their breath — praying that none of the four gets sick or hurt.


The lefties’ response is:  Have some more socialism.  Our side’s response is:  ‘ObamaCare sucks.’    Neither approach helps this family.  Give Murphy some credit for trying to help people like my friends.  Instead of throwing rocks at Murphy, folks on our side ought to be joining him to find a realistic solution that helps these people who have fallen in the cracks.


People aren’t perfect.  Politicians definitely aren’t perfect.  I worked for Jesse Helms many moons ago.  He did some things I disagreed with.  But, as a whole, I knew he was the best thing out there for us, our state and our country.


Cash. People are alleging that Greg Murphy’s first place finish was bought and paid for by corporate and out-of-state interests.  Flip through his report on the FEC site and you’ll see a shockingly high percentage of individual donors from inside the district.  Joan Perry, on the other hand, was loaded down with corporate, PAC and outside-the-district cash.


Conservatism.  As you may have heard,  Joan Perry cut  a commercial in 2012 endorsing Democrat Mike McIntyre over then-state senator (now congressman) David Rouzer (R).   Some people have had the nerve to justify that move because — they say — McIntyre was “more conservative” than Murphy.


Really?  Let’s look at the 2012 ratings by the American Conservative Union.  McIntyre got rated a 60 out of 100.  In 2011, he got rated a 40.  His lifetime rating?  49.63 out of 100.    Conservative?  Really?

Now, David Rouzer is not exactly a conservative star.  But let’s look at his ratings.  In 2017,  Rouzer got a 93 out of 100 rating from  the ACU.  In 2016, he got a 96.   His lifetime rating?  93.53 out of 100.


So, Joan Perry — when faced with a choice between Rouzer and McIntyre — took the liberal route.


The ACU has also ranked the North Carolina General Assembly.  Greg Murphy was ranked 89 out of 100 in 2018.  Granted, we’re comparing the North Carolina House to the US House.  But 89 sure is bigger — and further to the right —  than  60 or 40.


One of Joan Perry’s top supporters is former state Rep. Skip Stam (R-Wake).  Other than  his pro-life activity, there wasn’t a whole lot conservative about Stam.  His ACU rating in 2016, the last year available for him?  67 out of 100.


Jesse Jackson and The Round Rev go to church a lot and talk quite a bit about Jesus and God.  That doesn’t make them conservative.



Meadows.  Some of the funnier, yet sadder bits of garbage I’ve heard have been about Mark Meadows.  Disciples of some of the unsuccessful candidates on Tuesday claim that Meadows’s endorsement of Murphy was merely a bit of “jumping on the bandwagon.”   Those of us who have seriously followed Meadows’s career know that he’s not exactly a bandwagon kind of guy.



Besides, he made his endorsement when there were two possible choices — Murphy or Perry.  That would have been  TWO possible bandwagons to choose from.


Conclusion.  Folks, we can do better.  Allen Thomas, an opposition researcher’s fantasy-come-true, awaits our nominee in September.   If you’re going to keep tossing around bull-crap, hiding in your respective corners, and pouting, you’re going to basically trash 25 years of good hard work by Walter Jones and a lot of good Republicans in The Third District.


If you’re going to come to this site and run your mouth, be prepared to back it up with some facts.   Slander and other related nonsense are not welcome.


And, as far as me being in the tank for anyone — if you’ve been reading this site for an extended period of time, you ought to KNOW BETTER.