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NC-03: Just sworn in, and already gets a 2020 primary opponent

    It looks like this district’s reputation for Republican slugfests at congressional primary time will continue on past the Walter Jones era.  Greg Murphy — after running in a primary, runoff, AND general election — has JUST been sworn in as the district’s new…

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NC-03: A riot at the Harris-Teeter. Praising Allah. (The Allen Thomas campaign.)

  There must be something in the water in New Bern.   Anyway, somebody in the Allen Thomas (D) campaign for Congress thought it would be a great idea this past week to organize a “flash mob” — a spontaneous-looking gathering — of supporters inside…

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NC-03: Utter hysteria in the email

  Talk about getting off message. Dr. Joan Perry is all over the place to such an extent that you can’t figure out where she is going or what she’s talking about.   Take her recent email blast, for instance.    Her opponent Greg Murphy…

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NC-03: National Tea Party leaders endorse Greg Murphy

    Mark Meadows and The House Freedom Caucus have given a thumbs up to the Greenville physician.  Now it appears one of the nation’s more prominent Tea Party leadership groups is following suit:    Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest grassroots Tea Party political…

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NC-03: Pay no attention to what I said (and did) ON TAPE

  It takes a whole lot of gall to deny saying or doing stuff that you can be seen and heard doing ON TAPE. But Joan Perry is mastering that trick beautifully — all while spouting Bible verses.   During Monday’s debate with Greg Murphy,…

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NC-03: Another day, ANOTHER Joan Perry misstatement?

  The Joan Perry campaign has been frenetically painting their gal as a diehard supporter of President Trump and all his efforts to control illegal immigration and to secure the southern border.  Perry, herself, reiterated those comments last night at the candidate forum at Pitt…

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NC-03: Dr. Joan and the tell-tale (deleted) tweet

  Joan Perry and Greg Murphy, the two GOP combatants for the Third Congressional District,  got together for a rather contentious chat at Pitt Community College last night.     Things started off with a bang during Murphy’s opening statement.  He cited the falsehood-laden attack…

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NC-03: House Freedom Caucus steps up to defend Murphy

  The House Freedom Fund, the political wing of the Mark Meadows-chaired House Freedom Caucus, has returned fire via a mass e-mail  at the group that earlier launched an attack ad against congressional candidate Greg Murphy:     (Oh, here’s the documentation about her endorsing…

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NC-03: DC ‘dark money’ group releases Murphy-bashing ad that plays fast and loose with the truth

  Politics is a contact sport.  And one of the biggest players in the effort to bring gender quotas to the Republican Party is taking the gloves off in the runoff for the Third Congressional District.   Winning for Women, a national group dedicated to…

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NC-03: Look what came in the mail! (Two days LATE, of course.)

“Free” must be a synonym for “High” in certain social circles. Anyway, Dr. Kevin Baiko, one of the 17 candidates for the Third District, got this thought-provoking mailer promoting his candidacy out to Third District mailboxes on Thursday.  The problem?  The election was on TUESDAY….