NC-03: Pay no attention to what I said (and did) ON TAPE


It takes a whole lot of gall to deny saying or doing stuff that you can be seen and heard doing ON TAPE. But Joan Perry is mastering that trick beautifully — all while spouting Bible verses.


During Monday’s debate with Greg Murphy, she claimed her comments during a March interview with Henry Hinton  were distorted.  She claimed, during the debate, that she did not actually  support Thom Tillis’s efforts to block President Trump’s declaration of a state of emergency. Perry claimed she merely said she did not fully understand the issue and needed to study it more.



Unfortunately — for her — the videotape of the March show revealed she DID express support for Tillis and the blocking of the presidential declaration. 


She was at it again on Hinton’s show Wednesday morning.  Hinton asked her if she was going to go ahead and renounce and denounce the falsehood-laden attack ad produced and circulated  by some of her supporters.


(The Greenville Reflector, one of the papers quoted in the ad,  blasted the ad as misleading and false.)


Here’s what Perry said:


[…]”Henry, you know me well enough know that I don’t stand for anything that’s not true.  I cannot endorse anything that is not completely true and I would agree there is a quote there that is lifted out of context much like a quote from an interview that you did with me that they lifted out of context and have used.” […]


Um, NOPE.  Once again Dr. Joan is contradicted by her own image and voice on videotape.  Click here to read about it.


Hinton asked Perry to clarify just who she thinks did the “lifting out of context.”   Here’s what she said:


[…] “Someone from the Murphy campaign or from one of Murphy’s groups. It’s likely to be a PAC.” […]  The quote about the border wall.  It was in reference to me having relationships with Democrats that love Nancy Pelosi.  I’ve never had a relationship with a  Democrat that loved Nancy Pelosi.  I think that’s really not true.”[…]



That’s not true, eh?   Mike McIntyre (D-Lumberton) voted for Nancy Pelosi for speaker every year he was in the US House.  Here is an ad that Perry and her husband starred in endorsing McIntyre during a tight race against Republican state senator (now congressman) David Rouzer.  



McIntyre edged Rouzer by less than 1000 votes that year.



I swear.  Her team needs to get her mouth in sync with what she’s said earlier ON TAPE.  The Internet is forever.