NC-03: A riot at the Harris-Teeter. Praising Allah. (The Allen Thomas campaign.)


There must be something in the water in New Bern.


Anyway, somebody in the Allen Thomas (D) campaign for Congress thought it would be a great idea this past week to organize a “flash mob” — a spontaneous-looking gathering — of supporters inside the New Bern Harris-Teeter to wave campaign signs and chant pro-Thomas slogans.  Here’s an eyewitness account of how that went:

There’s also a video floating around on Facebook of Thomas campaigning in a mosque — actually kneeling on a prayer rug and praising Allah.  (The video has since been taken off of Facebook, but is still floating around out there.  If you’ve got it, send it our way.  PLEASE.)


Sources tell me Thomas was asked publicly about WHY he felt he had to kneel on a prayer rug and participate in the prayers to Allah during the Muslim service.     Thomas reportedly responded: “There were no chairs, man.”

5 thoughts on “NC-03: A riot at the Harris-Teeter. Praising Allah. (The Allen Thomas campaign.)

  1. Finally! I’ve been waiting for someone to post an article on the shenanigans of Greenville’s former top leprechaun!! Voters need to be made aware of how this man works his mouth….which is speaking out of both sides. Do not trust this man. He is NOT for the people of ENC. He is out for himself. End of story.

  2. He quit as mayor to go to Global Transpark. He quit the Global Transpark. He will quit that office as well. Take a look at State Auditor Beth Woods’ report. All this is stepping stones and he’s stepping all over eastern NC.

  3. I would love to see the video as well. I heard Henry Hinton talking about it. He will say anything and become anybody to any crowd to get elected

  4. The Global Transport received a “Qualified Opinion” from the State Auditor during his tenure as the CEO. As a career federal bank examiner, a qualified opinion from an auditor generally results in a change in management or leadership. It’s difficult to appreciate how people in Eastern NC can’t quite comprehend the gravity of this matter in the business world. A CEO that cannot resolve audit issues in the business world is not qualified to be a CEO, and is surely not qualified to be a member of Congress.

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