NC-09: Bishop gets Club For Growth nod


So, I guess that other IE was for “opposing”  Stony Rushing.  

The Club For Growth threw us for a loop with their endorsement in the Third Congressional District.   In the Ninth, they appear to be betting it all with the man who has the money and the organization:



An endorsement from The Club is usually accompanied by a generous bit of independent spending benefiting your campaign.  Early voting gets underway this week in The Ninth District.



3 thoughts on “NC-09: Bishop gets Club For Growth nod

  1. So let’s remember that the Club For Growth has opposed Donald Trump
    at every opportunity. Stony Rushing may have just won this primary. He will
    get my vote for sure,

  2. I was excited for Dan until he got the Club for Growth endorsement. They will prove once and for all that only big money wins elections. We little guys don’t have a voice. Such is the political life.

  3. I have seen some nasty negative ads in my life but the Club For Growth ads
    targeting Stony Rushing are not only unwarranted but “fake” to boot. They
    could come closer to calling Santa Claus a child molester than calling Stony a
    high tax politician.
    Stony is neither a politician or a taxer. He CUTS taxes and has been a responsible
    commissioner by supporting schools, industry from aerospace to agriculture, fire fighters,
    small towns, safety training for young hunters, and county wide safe and secure water.
    On and on. That’s why he leads the ballot when he runs for reelection.

    I’ll never vote for anyone who put their name on this mailer. Or their relatives Sue!

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