NC-09: Club For Growth money flows toward Stony Rushing


The DC-based Club For Growth made its voice heard in our state in this election cycle by backing Republican Celeste Cairns in the Third Congressional District primary.  


Now, it appears the Club is making some noise in the Ninth Congressional District.  According to FEC filings, Club for Growth Action has launched some independent expenditures (IEs) in that race.  The candidate being either “supported or opposed” by the expenditures?   Union County commissioner Stony Rushing.


It’s not clear if they approve or disapprove of Stony.   But it’s guaranteed to spice things up.

8 thoughts on “NC-09: Club For Growth money flows toward Stony Rushing

  1. The Club for Growth website does not have anything posted on their position in the 9th district.

    The Club tends to support rather than oppose in its advertising, and it has never been known to oppose a conservative like Stony, so my money is on us seeing an endorsement before long for Stony.

    The Club’s PAC is running independent expenditure ads for Cairns.

  2. So the Club for Growth wants to pick the winner in the Third District. All of these outside donations come with obligations and strings, particularly all of the hospital money that flowed to Medicaid Murphy. It’s what’s wrong with politics.

  3. The first step towards preparing for this special election is going to be replacing John Steward, the 9th District GOP chair, and that happens on April 27th.

  4. We are very curious to see why any conservative group would oppose our campaign. Either for or against us it confirms our data that we are way ahead in this race. The information we are getting is that the best other candidates are hoping for is second place and a Run Off.

  5. Once again Stony is going to show that his support is grassroots and solid. I have known him for years and he
    continues to baffle the experts who outspend him every time. His approach is genuine and above board and
    negative ads will only inspire his many friends. By September I predict that most of his opponents will be in his camp.
    He is going to be a fine Congressman.

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