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#ncpol: Bloomberg-Johnson 2016?

Our favorite warrior princess, Lady Liberty, broke open the story this week about a GOP public schools superintendent candidate getting a BIG contribution from former NYC mayor and BIG, deep-pocketed, soda, gun and trans-fat banning liberal activist Michael Bloomberg. Mark Johnson, the candidate in question,…

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#ncpol: NC elections board questioned dealings with La. ad firm in 2014

We wrote earlier about some really big payments by members of the North Carolina Senate to a Louisiana advertising firm.  Eight members of the Senate were recording mid-to-high six figure payments to Innovative Advertising.  One member reported spending more than $500,000 with the firm, while another…

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Ellmers to pro-lifers: ‘I’m with you, unless you want some law passed, or want me to stand out in the cold, or something.’

Last weekend, a horde of pro-lifers descended on Washington, risking the wrath of a major snowstorm, to partake in the annual March for Life.  Last year’s event was marred by a huge SCREW-YOU move by congresswoman Renee Ellmers.  A bill banning abortions at 20 weeks…

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#ncga: A Dollar meltdown?

I had the benefit of learning politics at an early age from a very wise, very successful political ‘boss.’  Two of the more important things he taught me?  (1) The minute an incumbent attacks a challenger personally, that indicates the incumbent feels threatened.  (2) Never,…

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#ncga: American Conservative Union salutes Sen. Buck Newton for “conservative excellence”

Retiring senator Buck Newton is hoping to add a new title to his résumè:  Attorney General of North Carolina.  He has a couple of hurdles to clear in March and in November.  In the meantime, he’s picked up an honor from the DC-based American Conservative Union….

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#ncga: Rep. Millis endorses Tammy Covil in heated HD-20 GOP primary

The two ladies mixing it up to replace the retiring Rick Catlin in this Wilmington area state House seat have certainly made things interesting.  New Hanover County school board member Tammy Covil and her supporters have hammered opponent Holly Grange for her husband’s reported business…

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#ncpol: The cold hard reality on the immigration issue

US senator Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama), one of the few gutsy, real men left in Capitol Hill’s Republican ranks, has laid out a powerful prosecution of the federal government’s negligence in protecting our borders and enforcing immigration laws.  Sessions, chairman of the subcommittee on immigration and…

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ConnectNC: a flaming bag of poo left on our front porches

The final project list is out.  And, as we suspected, the bond issue on the ballot for March 15th is less about road repair and more about passing out pork that individual legislators didn’t have the guts to put their name on and vote on. …

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#ncpol: The votes that matter

It’s campaign time.  Republican primary voters are getting bombarded with all kinds of propaganda about how Politician X is a ”conservative warrior” who has voted to repeal ObamaCare, cut taxes, cut spending, and pretty much save the world.  (*C’mon, give ’em two / six more…

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#ncsen: Burr prefers Bernie over Ted? (That’s what the AP says.)

Dick Burr has a reputation for not being the brightest bulb in the pack.  Back during the financial crisis, he took some heat for advising people to go to the ATM and take all their money out.   When Ted Cruz and Mark Meadows were…