Ellmers to pro-lifers: ‘I’m with you, unless you want some law passed, or want me to stand out in the cold, or something.’

neeneeLast weekend, a horde of pro-lifers descended on Washington, risking the wrath of a major snowstorm, to partake in the annual March for Life.  Last year’s event was marred by a huge SCREW-YOU move by congresswoman Renee Ellmers.  A bill banning abortions at 20 weeks and later was to pass the House in time for last year’s March.  Ellmers and one of her know-nothing biddie pals raised a fuss and got the bill pulled. Nee-nee claimed the bill was too extreme for her tastes — even though she had voted for the exact same language on three previous occasions. 

Well, Big Government Barbie™ took to Twitter to talk about this year’s March:


Last year, she labeled these people ‘abhorrent’ and ‘childish.’ This year, she’s WITH THEM.

*SIGH*.#SMH.   You gotta *love* election years.