Loony Left a/k/a Chapel Hill’s “finest” showing their butts (*sigh*) AGAIN

bog-protestersLefties love to bloviate about those of us on the right allegedly clamping down on free speech and showing violent tendencies.  Try bringing a conservative speaker to The People’s Republic of Orange County and see for yourself who it is doing all the hollering, disrupting, and denying of free speech.  

Yep.  The drum circle crowd was in rare form the other day as the partook in the umpteenth demonstration against newly-hired UNC president Margaret Spellings — the former US Secretary of Education who, by the way, has yet to even start work. 

Video of the leftist howler monkeys’s handiwork at the UNC board meeting is here.  See it for yourself.  They’re standing around the room chanting stuff like: ‘Fight back” and “No justice, no peace.”   I remember people chanting stuff like that while they were burning down Baltimore and Ferguson, Missouri live on CNN. 

I’d want the police on the scene.  And they were.  The protesters surrounded the meeting table and one even started beating the chairman’s gavel on the table to the tune of the chanting.  You can see board members trying to meet, but being blocked from doing so by this thuggery and kookery. 226777-julianoon-640x360

The police moved in to arrest that protester. Of course, she went limp, in order to commence the old ” mean police brutalizing helpless victim” routine. That was followed by protesters swarming the cops.  *That’s always, um, smart.  Rush at cops already in the midst of trying to deal with a volatile situation. What could go wrong?*

This video puts it all on display — what we’re funding with our tax dollars: leftist rabble-rousers living off of student loans and other welfare, and overpaid faculty types facilitating Marxist revolution in between breaks from filling skulls of mush full with feminist, lesbian and plant-worshiping nonsense appropriately grouped under the nomenclature “liberal arts.”

Ladies and gentlemen, you’re looking at “our future.”